Emergency Kit for 2 Flights and a Full Day of Travel

(Sophie) #1

I’m packing light. :smirk: Gotta Love Keto!

Since I take it straight up, I have to figure out how to get it to my mouth without looking like a junkie! :laughing:

(Mon) #2

:rofl: keep us posted of any funny stories with the authorities!

(Khara) #3

:+1:t3: I know. I actually kind of hide it when I take it. Feel sort of like a junkie but I just don’t want to get questions!

(betsy.rome) #4

Do any of you remember “Pixie Stix”? a candy treat tasting similar to SweetTarts, a fruit-flavored & sweet/sour powder that came in a straw. The ends were folded tightly so you could keep it in your pocket all day, taking a hit every now & then when the teacher wasn’t looking.

How about Himalayan salt in a paper straw? You would just tap it into your mouth, then fold up the end again.

Turns out they still make Pixie Stix!..I think you could just take a straw, fill it with salt and carry your own Salt Stix in a pocket or purse.

(Khara) #5

OMG, this is a great idea! Much better than little clear baggies of salt. And, yes, pixie sticks… :yum:

(Jacob Wagner) #6

One option is to get salt in packets, like you might find at a carnival hot dog stand.

Another would be to get empty capsules, put the salt in them, and put them in an old vitamin bottle. If you are using 1/4 tsp at a time like @carl does then that should fit.



Yes, white powder in pill form. That won’t look suspicious, much

(Pinar Ertekin) #8

great! I use the very thick
coarse Himalayan salt and put one ‘rock’ on my tongue which lasts usually for a while and I love how it feels in my mouth and the taste! :yum:

(Camille Yeager) #9

I keep wanting to make a “salt box” instead of a snuff box.


Don’t eat too much, or hope there is no queue for the loo.

(Raj Seth) #11

I just offer to share from my stash of “crystal”