Emergency bites

(David) #1

Hi, 4 days in and I’m kinda fine prepping my bacon and boiled eggs the night before, doing a chicken once a week and picking from it all week, and I’m going to start preparing in bulk at the weekend and portioning stuff up just like @richard recommends on the podcasts.

The hardest time for me will be when I go to developer events and they have pizza in the breaks. I used to inhale 5-6 pieces quickly to fill up for tea, but I’m determined it’s not going to be a problem the next time I’m stood talking to someone and looking down on half a dozen pizzas all lined up next to each other. I’m not sure they would appreciate me pulling the toppings, and cheese off of one, and not eating the crust. I’ll take a #pursebacon pack with me, I think.

Anyway, the reason for this post, is to ask for tips and ideas on what to grab to eat, while out, when I realise I’ve not made enough boiled eggs, or pursebacon to last me until 22:30 at night.

(Zach) #2

A few macadamia nuts can go a long way in a pinch.

(Danielle) #3

Pre-measured nuts. Jerky. Water (helps when you think you MIGHT be hungry, but your not sure).

(David) #4

I have a packet in my workbag. :thumbsup:

(Guardian of the bacon) #5

I wouldn’t hesitate to enjoy the toppings. They get the pizza for everyone to enjoy…right? If anybody questions or comments you have food intolerances that won’t allow you to eat crust but you are still able to enjoy the delicious proteins and fats, & veggies



I always eat the toppings. When someone comments and gives me dirty looks, I tell them that my stomach can’t take it and I will be up all night in pain and bloating.

It works. I always get the sad puppy eyes afterwards.

(Tom) #7

Step one: claim pizza.
Step two: find most dominant person in the room.
Step three: make eye contact with them
Step four: skin pizza into one large pile while holding eye contact.
Step five: flamboyantly tear off the rip-off athletic pants you wore and toss them aside while maintaining eye contact.
Step six: consume the cheesy bounty, holding eye contact.

Do that and I promise nobody will notice the fact that you didn’t eat the crust.


That’s badass. I like it!

(David) #9

Haha, nice technique.

I’ll just ask them “do you eat everything of everything you eat?” Or wrap up the crusts in napkins and say “I’m saving them for later.”

(David) #10

Love it.

(Jan) #11

Because you are in ketosis and probably fat-adapted, you can also choose to do a small fast when going to an event or conference.

This is what I do when attending one of those. Most developer conferences only have high carb, low fat foods. Therefore, it makes more sense in not eating at all.
For conferences I’m doing my regular IF, which I’m doing every day.
When having a meetup in the evening, I’ll just fast for the day.

Not really emergency bites, but something you might consider doing also.

(David) #12

That is a great tip. Cheers.