Email NOW! Comment Period on U.S. 10 Year Nutrition Plan Ends Dec 15th

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The National Institute of Health 10 Year Nutritional Plan draft does not include plans to study low-carb/keto diets for the next 10 years. “Follow the money” & “Read between the lines”: without specific mention, clinical trials of low-carb/keto diets are likely to be excluded from future funding. However, the Western, Mediterranean and vegetarian diets are specifically noted in the Draft Plan.

Our past comments helped persuade USDA-HHS to put “low-carb” and “saturated fats” on the list of topics to be studied for the next Dietary Guidelines. Now we need to let NIH know low-carbohydrate/ketogenic diets MUST BE INCLUDED in funding for clinical trials.

The Clock is Ticking: Please take the next 2 minutes NOW and be sure your comment is submitted by the December 15th Deadline

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The low carbohydrate/ketogenic diets have helped me, along with thousands of other Americans put obesity, diabetes and other metabolic diseases into remission and MUST BE INCLUDED in NIH funding for clinical trials for the next 10 years.

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Thank you! Done.

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This thread should be combined with this one.

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I was a Federal grantee eons ago but since gov changes so slowly, I’m hoping this process hasn’t. Each email should be counted as 1 “vote” on a frequency distribution. They really do pay attention to the comments. If it wasn’t for the Nutrition Coalition, I wouldn’t have even know about the comment period. Please support the Nutrition Coalition if you don’t already. They really are making inroads and it is a David and Goliath situation. Systems change is never simple but it sure seems we are gaining momentum bit by bit. Come on, Tipping Point!!!

Thanks for sending in your comments!!!