Elevated creatinine uric acid microalbumin levels


(Muzammil) #1

Hi friends,
I am asking this for my mother ( 55 years old) who has been diabetic for last 15 years, with no reduction in sugar levels and hb1ac with traditional medicines and insulin injections i convinced her to go on keto by dropping on insulin and medicines except metformin 1000g per day (increased from 500g when keto was started )now after two months sugar levels and hb1ac has dropped but there has been concerns since creatinine,uric acid and albumin levels have increased in two months.what should i do i am concerned that her kidneys are breaking down i am looking for expert guidance since doctors in my area do not support keto. Is there any chance for results to be falsified since she was on dry fast(ramadan) when sample was taken.

Microalbumin 7.1 mg/L to 63 mg/L
Uric acid 4.5 mg/L to 7 mg/L
Creatinine 0.69 mg/L to 0.97 mg/L

Plz help

(Bob M) #2

According to my information, that’s a normal result for creatinine.


I’m not sure about the other two.

Personally, I would retest when not on Ramadan. That seems like a variable that could put a lot of stress on the body.

(Ronnie) #3

Allopurinol 300mgs, daily, may reduce uric acid. Along with other measures,

It may prevent gout.

Look, ask your doc please. I am not a doc. :slight_smile:

(Bacon is better) #4

Don’t be concerned. If anything, the reduced carbohydrate load and consequent reduced insulin are helping, not harming, your mother’s kidneys. We often find that, early in a keto diet, people’s lab results look worse, but by six months eating this way, they have usually improved dramatically. So wait another several months, and then get your mother re-tested, and see what her lab numbers look like at that point.

What is probably going on is that, at the moment, your mother’s ketones are competing for excretion with the uric acid, etc. As she goes along, her urinary ketone levels will most likely drop, as her muscles start preferring fatty acids to ketones and the liver cuts back on ketogenesis, so that her other levels will return to normal.

In most people, a ketogenic diet lowers inflammatory markers, increases HDL, lowers triglycerides, and either raises or lowers LDL (which we have learned not to care about, contrary to the wishes of the statin manufacturers). Markers of insulin-resistance usually improve significantly, and the majority of people on a ketogenic diet even find that their doctor can remove the diagnosis of diabetes from their file.

So, in sum, wait until your mother has been eating keto for at least six months. If her lab work still shows problems at that point, then you might start to worry. But not right now.


Fasting screws up all types of labs, when under hydrated your Creatinine, Albumin and Uric acid will all shoot up no question about it. For all 3 one of the main ways to lower them is simply hydrating correctly, which most people fail at miserably. The eGFR is the lab that (guesses) kidney function, BUT, it’s calculated based on Creatinine, Sex and Age which is stupid.

(Muzammil) #6

Thanks for the reply. Yes creatinine level is within normal levels but steadily increasing since two months of starting keto that s what was concerning me but as a PaulL mentioned here to wait for some more months i am hoping nothng goes wrong