Electrolytes and relief?


Not sure if this belongs here, but has anyone ever felt the immediate relief of feeling like total shit after munching some salt? I unintentionally did a 24 hour fast, with an absolute ton of physical exertion and was sweating my behind off today. The last few hours I was definitely feeling like crap, not at all myself and essentially like I was going to pass out. I ended up munching some of the sea salt I keep in my purse and I swear the relief was immediate. Was it my imagination or have others felt this? I’d been drinking water to stay hydrated but on my drive from site to site I could see the powdery remains of my sweat and didnt have to urinate for 8 hours so I’m pretty sure I sweated out all my liquids. I mean, cows could have used me as a salt lick I was that covered lol

Edited to add: I’ve been keto for 6 months as of the 5th

(Susan) #2

Welcome back, Missi_B and this seems to happen a lot to people, from posts I have read over the time I have been here. Especially when people are fasting! The salt replaces those electrolytes in your body when you take it when on Keto and fasting.

I listened to a Podcast from the 2KetoDudes the other day that talked about Salt and Fasting, and the man they were interviewing said that when he fasts he eats some salt every couple of hours (during his waking hours of the fast).


Thanks! I lurk more than post but I enjoy these forums.

It makes a lot of sense to do that with the salt! We don’t do moves such as I did today often, much less solo and in the hot weather, but I think I’m gonna order some ultima to keep at work and remember to drink that, not just plain water. I’m glad I keep salt in my purse because that may have ended badly otherwise.

(Susan) #4

Yes, that is great that you had that. I hope that your move went well. =)

(Ellen) #5

Definitely! I moved to a hot & humid country recently, was drinking loads of water but forgot to up my salt, felt awful for days until I realised, had 3 big pinches and felt better almost immediately. You’re sweating out salt etc so have to replace it.

(Polly) #6

I find a pinch of salt in each glass of water keeps me feeling top notch. I rotate between sea salt, Himalayan pink rock salt and lo salt in order to get as many minerals as possible. The weather is warm here at the moment and I am drinking loads.


I was surprised at how quickly the relief was once I had the salt. Lesson learned and I’ll be more aware next time, that’s for darn sure. :slight_smile:

(Murphy Kismet) #8

I just add some lemon and lime juice, salt, and lite salt. I drink that all day.
5L water
1/4 cup lime juice
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp likesalt, or whatever potassium/salt alt you can find

I’ll either drink it straight, or mix it half with plain water for taste.

I haven’t felt the flu at all.