Electrolyte imbalance for 16 months im mentally exhausted please help me


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I really dont know where to begin its been a very rough 16-19 months of keto i even quit keto 3-4 months ago in hopes of my electrolytes balancing out but they haven’t and I’ve hit rock bottom ive gone to multiple doctors even a trip to the ER.
After month 3 i began dealing with the electrolyte imbalance in which was all my fault because i wasnt eating any vegetables period. After tons and tons of research i learned i needed 7000mg of sodium, 4700mg of potassium 400-700mg of magnesium and about 1000mg of calcium for the 4 big electrolytes. I made the changes and adjustments and after a few days i saw improvement but it never got back to normal even till this day im struggling just to type. I got to the point where taking in too much sodium at once (1000mg) and potassium no/salt (1000mg) was too much for me and it would give me horrible diarrhea with a strange metallic smell and taste. My face goes numb right before it happens. If I drink plain water I only get more dehydrated but if I add pink salt or potassium it gives me some sort of attack to my heart so I just back off but of course I only get worse as the days go by. I got a CBC lipid panel done and my sodium, potassium, calcium and chloride all came back normal and the doctor says im fine. I’ve already gone to the ER after too much physical movement from my job completely impaired my ability to function but once again they told me I was fine. The CBC test from my medical doctor showed I had an inflamed liver but nothing serious or major and I believe its from quitting keto and my metabolism attempting to switch back to carbs as fuel. My kidney function is also low but again (according to 2 doctors including a NEPHROLOGIST) im fine, I was told my kidneys are fine and that was when I really hit rock bottom. I don’t know who to run to anymore nobody can help me and I know this is an electrolyte problem because it only happened after starting keto and now that I quit keto in hopes of fixing my imbalance, im still stuck, lost, confused and desperate How are my electrolyte test coming back normal??? I eat a whole foods diet nothing processed and here are my symptoms

      1. Dizzy, lightheaded   2.extreme fatigue to do anything physical "walking, lifting"   3. pale skin  4. nausea  5.dehydration always thirsty no matter how much water I drink, feel worse the more I drink    6. trouble reading and concentrating  7. heart palpitations especially after eating  8. digestive issues  9. extreme numbness in hands, fingers and legs  10. poor blood circulation with cramps In random areas

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Holy CRAP man. Right off I will urge you to QUIT supplementing ANYTHING until it is cleared by your personal physician. NO ONE should supplement potassium, for example. These are serious symptoms and need MEDICAL SUPERVISION.
I am closing your topic to avoid arm chair internet pseudo-docs from commenting.

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