Egg Fast for quick start ketosis


How do you do an Egg fast to quick start ketosis ? Any information will be appreciated. Thank You.

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By “egg fast” you presumably mean: eating only eggs?

If so, by eating only eggs you are significantly reducing carbohydrate intake (eating primarily protein + fat instead) … and therefore you will soon force your body into producing ketones.

The longer you keep this up, the sooner your mitochondria will adapt to producing energy on ketones instead of dietary glucose.

Of course, the longer you keep this up the sooner you will also likely tire of eggs.

So why not round out the keto-friendly diet with other protein/fat choices … and mix up your “fast” a bit? Although, I guess then it no longer qualifies as a fast? :wink:


Perfectly articulated

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Yeah, what he said. ^^^^^^😁


It’s usually at the first meal for me - and I really, really love eggs. How people eat only eggs for several days… They have something I don’t :slight_smile:
Even eating only meat would be so much easier, more enjoyable and nutritionally fine to be sustainable… And I wouldn’t do that either. Some of us need more varitety.

“Egg fast” is a weird thing I tried one (years after I wondered about what if… but in the beginning I couldn’t imagine an eating day without vegs so I only did fat fast - it isn’t super restrictive like egg fast, just very fatty and low-cal - , that was nice!!! I should do it again, it surely will be even nicer on carnivore than it was on vegetarian keto :D), it has too little eggs (for me) and tons of fat. Yuck. I have lasted for 9 hours, hated it - but people say it’s good to break stubborn stalls and each to their own anyway, we all have our individual needs, tastes and limits.

Ketosis starts very quickly if one just eats little carbs… But a proper fast is the quickest. With exercise.


That’s not a fast, that’s eating only eggs. No different that how keto works to begin with, no carbs equals you going into ketosis.

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@lfod14 Yeah, a lot of folks describe odd eating ideas as being some kind of “fast.”

As such, perhaps rather than referring to skipping a meal or two each day as “intermittent fasting” we should start calling it “intermittent eating.” :thinking:


Yup! I hate that, if anything, that’d mean you eat everything BUT eggs!

I could get behind that! I think a lot of people realized that and that’s when the “Time restricted feeding” thing happened.


Thank you for all the replies. I did some research and found out about it. All it is eggs, some cheese and fats. I am doing it for 4 days. I am feeling like ketosis is starting to happen. I checked and it is. So, it does work.


Of course it works as you don’t eat much carbs… Any diet with that makes one gets into ketosis.

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I’m not sure how the word “fast” is intended to work in that phrase.

In my book, if you’re eating food, it’s not a fast, so “egg diet” would be a better descriptor. Or perhaps “BB-less BBBE,” since butter and eggs make a very tasty combination.

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We get into ketosis as soon as our carb intake drops low enough to allow our insulin to drop, too. Now that you’ve started, stay the course by keeping your carb intake below 20 g/day.

Getting into ketosis is easy, but what takes longer is fat-adaptation. That involves healing our metabolism to the point where our muscles can easily metabolise fatty acids again. That’s the point at which the real benefits of a ketogenic diet begin.

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But it would say me it has lots of eggs. Egg fast has very few (unless one is able to face the sea of fat, I couldn’t). I ate 6 eggs when I had serious egg aversion after I run out of meat but stubbornly continued carnivore (for one day, I just couldn’t…). It was in the past, just like my egg diet day (9 hours, I ate something else in the evening and felt alive again), now I eat truly very few eggs. But for someone really loving their eggs in generous amounts, egg diet may be disappointingly low in them.

Not like I ever wanted to eat only eggs… I am very bad with restrictions. I mean, it’s only fine if I don’t feel it restrictive. I like to make my own rules - or accept 1-2 simple rules that sounds perfectly fine for me. I can be stricter for 1-2 days but egg fast was too bad for that (for me, surely it’s great for some people), fat fast was fine and I plan to do it again (for one day at a time). One of my problem with the egg fast that my protein intake falls into an impossible range. I always ignore the timing rules, they aren’t for me.

Yes, the names are unfortunate, they aren’t fasts and we eat the mentioned things before the fast so it’s weird.


Thank you so very much Kib 1 for the article on the egg fast-diet. I appreciate it !

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I’m intrigued by your comment:

I have a good friend doing Carnivore and he adapted to it very quickly and within a week (if not days) was in ketosis. Got to ketones of 2 and 3 even. He has some mental health issues and it was like a magic bullet for him. He’s never felt better. But after a couple of weeks his ketones flatlined to the point where it’s often below 0.5 and rarely above 0.7. Low levels of ketones just don’t have the mental health benefits he’s looking for but try as he might, he can’t get the numbers back up. Any idea why this can happen? He’s not eating carbs at all (aside from the small amount in protein) and eating plenty of fat. Doesn’t have much body fat to lose. Any help or point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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I agree with many of the posts here.
There is ONE reason I accept for a single food “fast”. Dr. Fung calls it a FAT fast. Pick your fatty food, and only eat that. B/C you get bored with it.

if you ever fall off the wagon. This is the fastest way I found to jump right back on. Pick your favorite food (bacon for me). And eat as much as you want of just bacon. For 3-5 days. But basically until you naturally skip a meal. That’s Dr. Fungs approach.

Warning: Eggs are an major allergen for many, myself included!
I can tolerate low doses of egg whites. (1 egg/month). Once I get more than that, I start suffering inflammation, blurred vision, migraines, etc. (the more eggs, the worse the symptoms). I tried a quiche over the weekend. Migraine on Sunday, and Blurred vision today. So it is fresh on my mind.

Always do such a thing with a “safe” food. And that varies for each of us!


Eggs are perfectly safe for me. I can eat it without limits, even raw, even the whites. Obviously if one has an allergy, they shouldn’t eat the problematic food! Or if they have some other problem with something like overeating. Or getting bored of it for long in one day while egg is important in their normal diet.

I couldn’t eat only one item for one MEAL (except very tiny ones. or under very special circumstances) so I don’t try that. Fat fast is nice because I can have variety. Egg fast is only 3 items (2 for me in the past as my egg consumption already got painfully limited that way, cheese would just make it even worse), boredom arrives quickly, not like it matters with that much fat. My fat fast didn’t feel way too fatty because I was in control, I could choose from various items.

If I fall off the wagon, I simply come back to my varied diet, I would never come back if I restricted myself. But each to their own, I always say.

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And as I pointed out in my answer to your other post about this situation, there are two questions to ask:

  1. Is the person eating less than 20 g of carbohydrate a day?
  2. Is the person still breathing in and out?

If the answer to both questions is Yes, then the person is in ketosis.

Tell your friend to stop torturing himself. I explained why ketone levels dropped in my other post. I’m not going to go into all that yet again.

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Thank you. For reference I posted here before starting the thread. So wasn’t expecting two answers