Edging towards carnivoreu

(David Cooke) #1

Hi. I would say that I am a low carb, IF guy, probably like my beer too much. I am not overweight, am 76 and run about 40 - 60 K weekly, take magnesium as a supplement.
So here’s my idea at present: As at present, continue to eat breakfast, that’s three eggs, bacon, mushrooms, and about 2gm of carbs in the form of coconut flour, cooked in coconut oil.
Buy a load of beef and shell fish, and just eat as I get hungry, cooked in coconut oil.
Coffee and of course cut back on the beer! Maybe I should switch back to cooking with homemade lard? Coconut products are quite cheap here, and I read that the omega-6 content of lard is quite high.
Why do I plan to do this? Nocturia raised its ugly head a year ago and isn’t fun, so worth a try.
I would welcome any remarks.

(KM) #2

Nocturia - frequent nighttime urination. I’m not sure what carbs or coconut oil have to do with this? If anything, keto (as opposed to SAD, not carnivore) would trigger more release of fluid. The beer certainly could, though!

Any reason you don’t want to cook with butter or ghee?