Eat well for less - BBC

(Allie) #1

I used to enjoy watching this, used to find it really interesting… but not seen it for a while and just tried watching it on iPlayer, seriously WTF?! I can’t sit through this crap now… it’s all such bad info!! :rage:

(ianrobo) #2

before Keto I thought ti was real good advice then watched a series after doing Keto and then I just shook my head at what was being said …

(Allie) #3

Exactly that. It makes me cringe now.

(ianrobo) #4

especially as the dieticians peddle the same old thing … one show I remeber saying replace all ‘expensive’ red meat with pasta …

(Allie) #5

It’s so sad that people will trust and believe it too. I remember one episode with a young boy whose diabetes was so bad he had an insulin pump and they were pushing “healthy” carbs on him :slightly_frowning_face:

(ianrobo) #6

yeah I remember that, an Indian family wasn’t it ? I may have even commented on here about it … balanced frigging diets

(Allie) #7

Yes I think it was an Indian family. So sad.


Did anyone watch this last week? (19th) Keto diet was featured and came out best. I agree the rest of it is rubbish!. Just told a friend about it and all I got was a “mmm there was a professor saying that wasn’t good for you” I said that wasn’t true, there are plenty of studies and science. She said he was talking about diabetes. I said it’s good for reversing that. She said you can’t reverse it. I said… nothing. What’s the point. I’m not going to fall out over it. :frowning:

(Allie) #9

I didn’t as I’d given up on it, but will check it out :slight_smile: