Early stall


(Barry) #1

I startes Keto a bit over 3 weeks ago to loose weight, lost 10 pounds my first full week but nothing in the last 2 weeks. I check my ketones daily and still am in ketosis, any advice?

(Jane) #2

Be patient and keep doing what you are doing.

Perfectly normal.

(Old Baconian) #3

I’d suggest doing a forum search on “stall.” You might find yourself greatly reassured.


I lost nothing until fat adaptation but it was to be expected as I was hungry and ate like before, stalled like before… Even fat adapted, keto doesn’t guarantee fat-loss, it doesn’t work like that (even if many people experience that especially with much fat to lose. but not everyone, far from it). It matters how much you eat, maybe what you eat and there are many other factors.

And 3 weeks is nothing, your body couldn’t even reach some basic level fat adaptation, it is changing right now, maybe it does zillion good things as well… Be patient! Now it’s important to get used to keto and to reach fat adaptation, that can be very cool, my hunger became way softer then and my eating window diminished. It wasn’t enough to lose fat but helped a lot and anyway, it made my life better. Ketosis alone isn’t enough for all of us. One can even gain fat on keto, it’s not a weird thing at all, not everyone starts to eat automatically little enough or enters some fat wasting or quicker metabolism mode, not even after fat adaptation.

Our bodyweight fluctuates. And you lost water weight very recently. Just because you don’t see changes on the scale, you easily may lose fat. Who knows? It was too little time and these are the early weeks, the scale isn’t very helpful.

(Carnivore for the win) #5

Weight loss is not linear during the short term. It goes down in steps, sometimes with a bit of a rise in between. Be patient, and look back over a year or two, for a smooth weght loss line.