Early morning exercise

(Andreas Beier) #21

I’ll just try to get lifting in the gym again.
I want to track my progress and I’m going to post how it went on the forums.
Thanks a lot for your participation, people!!

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Lipolysis is the breaking down of triglycerides into their component fatty acids and glycerol backbone. It happens pretty readily, since fatty acids need to be assembled into triglycerides for transport through the bloodstream, but dissasembled in order to cross cell walls. Lipolysis in adipocytes can happen only in the absence of insulin, because one of the purposes of insulin is to keep fatty acids stored in adipose tissue. But triglycerides would need to be disassembled in order for the fatty acids to enter muscle tissue, too, so it is highly likely that exercise would stimulate this, indirectly if not directly.

(Troy) #23

Wake up
Drink Water
Some Pink salt
Iced black coffee
Workout - bodyweight. Not as early as you
Pink salt
Then food

Then later at night AFTER I eat
Usually about 2 hours after dinner
A nice walk

Then rinse and repeat tomorrow :sweat_smile:

So yes I work out fasted😀
I don’t eat before or right after

To each their own

(Laurie) #24

I have a question about eating after a meal. I can’t find the answer online because they all seem to talk about carb loading.

Typically I do my first exercise session on an empty stomach, which suits me fine. Then I eat (usually 3 eggs plus bacon or sausage). How long should I wait after eating, before doing my second session of the day? I still feel full after 2 or 3 hours, so intuitively I don’t want to eat then. But I’d rather exercise sooner than later, so I can eat my second (and last) meal of the day within a shorter window.

My second workout is 45 minutes of cardio on rebounder, not very strenuous, with heart rate between 66% and 80% of my supposed max of 150. I’m in my late 60s. Thank you.

Oops, I guess this should have been posted under cardio.

(Bob M) #25

I usually eat when hungry. For me, that’s 2-3 hours after my workout, then another meal at dinner. Workout around 6am, first meal 9:30-10am, next meal 6-7 pm.

(Laurie) #26

Thank you, Bob. To clarify, my question is about execising on a full stomach.

(Allie) #27

As long as it takes for you to feel OK doing it, that’s what I do anyway. If it’s yoga with inversions then I need at least six hours, but with lifting it’s not such an issue.

(Bob M) #28

@islandlight Sorry about that. I agree with @Shortstuff, although honestly I don’t think I’ve ever exercised on a full stomach. I always built in some distance between eating and exercising, though at one time I took protein or pre-workout drinks right before exercising. I haven’t done that in years, though.

When I was biking 90+ miles/week, I would “drink” my breakfast, and also carry food (and coffee) with me, since I started early in the morning. But it was just a drink and not a real amount of proper “food”.

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Post Workout Nutrition

Research by Dr Brad Schoenfeld determined that immediately consuming a post workout meal or beverage isn’t necessary.

Schoenfeld’s research concluded there is a large Post Workout Window. That meaning that consuming something, as Bob does, is effective.

As the research it not so much when you eat but rather what you eat; calories, macros, etc.

The effect of protein timing on muscle strength and hypertrophy: a meta-analysis

"These results refute the commonly held belief that the timing of protein intake in and around a training session is critical to muscular adaptations and indicate that consuming adequate protein in combination with resistance exercise is the key factor for maximizing muscle protein accretion."

Kenny Croxdale

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Great thread. :metal:

@KennyCrox - interesting link there about "The effect of protein timing… " Good stuff!

(Troy) #31

I work out in the AM
empty stomach besides coffee😉
Works for me

To mix up or change things up
Tried on several occasions
To workout later or in the early afternoon after eating

Tiring, lethargic, and just not really energetic
Tried w higher protein ratios vs fat…and higher fat ratios vs protein
Still, no good :relieved:
Oh well
Fun to experiment :grinning:

Back in the SAD days, carb up, then workout lol

I end of usually eating 3-4 hours later now a days
Or after my AM workout

(Bob M) #32

This is something that just happened to me naturally, over time. I didn’t start out this way.

In fact, 7 or so years ago when I started low carb, I was under the impression that I “had” to eat all the time. So, I took in something before and after exercise. But I had been doing that for years, probably decades, if I exercised in the morning (if I exercised in the afternoon, I wouldn’t necessarily take in anything).

And I’ve tried too many things to list. Anyone remember Metabolol? I think as a high carb person, especially when I was very high carb, very low fat, I probably didn’t have the ability to switch to fat burning, so probably HAD to have something.

Over time, after fasting 36 hours and exercising, and realizing I had just as good of a workout as if I ate something beforehand - in fact, possibly a better workout – I stopped placing an emphasis on when I ate, deciding I would let hunger decide for me. Sometimes, it’s earlier after my workout, and sometimes, later.

This is also what happens to me just in general. If I spend the whole weekend busting my butt working on a project in my house, I’m hungrier earlier.