Duncan Hines embracing keto?


Looks like they will be offering some quick microwave treats – chocolate chip cookies and mug cakes?

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#followthemoney? :grinning:

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Well, that’s great, though I hope they are grain-free and they’re probably not. There is a way of processing wheat flour where it has vastly more gluten (protein) and super low carb, “low-carb flour” is generally that. That would make it keto, but twice as harmful to anyone with a sensitivity to grains, what a bummer. Still, if the occasional “junk food keto” allowed people to STAY on keto rather than dive headfirst into pizza hut or regular desserts, that is probably a good thing. The “but only rarely” goes without saying, but that’s up to the person.

It’s probably not as bad as the lowcarb frankenfoods that came out years ago and bombed (for good reason).


Keto friendly Oreo? yeah right… sounds like an oxymoron to me, but I’ll reserve my judgment until I see the nutrition facts

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The Oreo is separate from the Keto stuff fwiw


Why not? There are lots of keto-friendly mug cake and “muffin-in-a-minute” recipes. They typically use almond or coconut flour.

Pre-keto, it was as easy as adding 1/4 cup of powdered mix to an egg in a mug, then mix and cook in the microwave. So they could easily sell the powdered mix in a cup and have us add an egg, maybe some liquid, to the cup, then microwave.

That’s pretty much the process with the Jimmy Dean Scrambles, just add the eggs to their cup of goodies and microwave to get an omelet.


You haven’t seen the Oreo chaffles?


Looks like the chocolate chip cookie is too. :frowning:


Wow, that is indeed impressive! I’ve just learned what a Chaffle is, but it seems like they are everywhere on the forum. I live under a rock =)