Dramatic rise in ketones overnight

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I’ve been doing keto for a little over a month. My ketones were steadily rising and glucose was dropping. My best reading was 1.3 ketones and 79 glucose. Last weekend I kicked myself out of keto and have been trying to get back into keto for the last 5 days. My ketones were rising very slowly until this morning when I tested 3.7 ketones and 107 glucose.

Here are the readings from this week. I always test in the morning before breakfast.

3/1 - Ketones .2 / glucose 97 - (the morning after the cheat)
3/2 - Ketones .4 / glucose 87
3/5 - Ketones .3 / glucose 77
3/6 - Ketones 3.7 / glucose 107

Although the pee strips aren’t registering any ketones at all. Should I be worried about this dramatic overnight increase in ketones? I don’t think my tester is broken, but maybe it is. I also want to add that I started menstruating on 3/5. Could that have something to do with it?


Probably because there are three types of ketones and it only tests for the kind that typically show up early. Because that’s what they are designed for – so that type 1 diabetics can look for an early sign of an excessive amount of that kind of ketone being excreted as waste.

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Are you using a blood ketone device to test? Are you using a blood glucose device to test? If so, then:

Nothing to worry about. Just observe and marvel at the beauty of a complex system in action.

If you want to observe just how dynamic that system really is and how fast and wildly it fluctuates, test multiple times per day. You will be astounded.

Eat sub-20 grams of carbs per day consistently and you will be OK. That will keep the glucose and insulin down to normal levels. Ketones will take care of themselves.

As for the ‘pee sticks’. They will only show you the acetoacetate and maybe a little β-hydroxybutyrate that gets flushed out unused. At relatively low ketone levels you’re not going to have much flushed out and the sticks aren’t sensitive enough to detect very small amounts.

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Yes, testing w/ blood ketone and glucose monitor. Not really concerned about the pee sticks. I have tested throughout the day and usually my glucose rises and ketones drop. Since I’ve been in keto I’ve just stuck to the morning test as my baseline.

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Measuring ketones once per day is not very informative, although it will confirm ketosis, at least at the time of testing. Depending how many carbs you’re eating, you may or may not be in ketosis during the full day. Only testing would confirm. But eating sub-20 grams of carbs is painless and the easiest way to stay there. Realistically, few are willing to donate blood multiple times per day. You might find this of interest.