Dr Sarah Hallberg died


I don’t know if someone has already posted about it. Dr Sarah Hallberg died after fighting lung cancer.

My heart goes to her family. She touched many lives and will be missed not only by those who knew her, but also by many of us from all over the world. Rest in piece.

(Bob M) #2

I just saw this:


(Edith) #3

That is very sad! It is also a stark reminder that following a ketogenic diet isn’t a cure-all, and it doesn’t make us impervious to health problems. I know I tend to look at it like that. I tend think of keto as a shield that will save me from all chronic disease. Sigh. :cry:


I consider it some strange keto blindness. There are just too many factors, our woe is highly important but not the only one.

(Stickin' with mammoth) #5

Her TED Talk was the one that got me thinking about keto for the first time. Thanks, Sarah.

(Bacon is better) #6

Requiescat in pace.

(Ronnie) #7

Sad. I remember her videos on YouTube.
I would say she definitely contributed to my weight loss, reversal of T2, reduction in hypertension levels, cure of sleep apnea and the removal of the requirement for CPAP machine. No doubt, reversal of NAFLD as well, but still have to go for that scan.
Yeah, all those videos helped me from the contributors, including her.

(Central Florida Bob ) #8

With her work setting up the Virta Health clinic with Stephen Phinney and Jeff Volek, it would be hard to overstate how important she has been in the lives of millions of us.

I was torn up when I got the email from the Nutrition Coalition. It was like losing someone you really know and care about.