Dr Phil episode on young man going zero carbs

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I can’t find this episode and it’s driving me nuts. It may be from around 10 years ago that Dr Phil had a young man maybe around 13 years old and the kid was all muscle but Dr Phil spent the whole show telling how dangerous this was.
At the time it aired I didn’t have a clue about any of this and now I’ve been full blown only meat for a year.

Wondering if anyone remembers this episode or if someone can provide a link. I would love to hear the arguments and the experts that he had on .


I went down that rabbit hole looking. I didn’t find your episode, but I found one about "strange and unhealthy diets, including a raw carnivore, a fruitarian, and a lady who claimed she did Keto by making some type of expensive smoothies and they made her sick because they overloaded her with chemicals, Plus someone who took that diabetes drug (meanwhile approved for weight loss) and said it made her very sick. It was a horrible show, and this Dr. Phil looks like a charlatan.

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Dr. Phil wasn’t as far off base as you might think. The idea that keto is bad for kids comes from the therapeutic ketogenic diet for epilepsy. It was so deficient in protein that it stunted the growth of a number of young people. Fortunately, researchers have since shown that a ketogenic diet with a more reasonable amount of protein can still be effective in treating seizures.

It is certainly true that a kid eating low carbohydrate, high fat, and not restricting protein is going to be fine.

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FWIW… Dr. Phil is NOT a medical doctor. He holds a doctorate in psychology and is not a licensed psychologist, either.

In case anyone wondered…


Well, there was nothing about epileptic kids on Keto on that show, or kids on Keto. This was a woman who claimed to have been on Keto and having to drink lots of smoothies that were full of detrimental chemicals. And the show was in the 2020s sometime.

It was like a freak-show about deluded people on weird diets.

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What I want to know is where they find these crazy people. Are they for real, or do they get paid to pretend to be crazy on screen?


No idea. Apparently the raw carnivore had a youtube channel that showed him holding up the entire hindquarters of a sheep and taking bites out of it, a skinless chicken and whatnot. It was ridiculous to look at. Who does that?

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Hi!! Would like to see this. Dr Phil can’t comment on any diet if you ask me. Take a look at him. :joy:



That’s him and his wife. She had too many face lifts me thinks. Unfortunately, you can’t see his belly here.

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That’s the lottery ticket for TV!

The more strange, the more weird, the more crazy, the more ridiculous it is, the better it will sell. If people don’t gasp when the see and hear it, it’s not sensational enough. It’s one reason I watch very little TV, just don’t care to see it.

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Agreed - media is full of fake and stupid stuff these days.