Dr Malcolm Kendrick on the 200 Canadian doctors petition

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The link links to a blog that links to facebook and cuts up a lot of info. So i’m just adding the good stuff below. I couldn’t be more excited about this.

Actual Petition

Summary of Guidelines changes they are seeking…

  1. Clearly communicate to the public and health-care professionals that the low-fat diet is
    no longer supported, and can worsen heart-disease risk factors (5,6,7,8,22,24,27,31).
  2. Be created without influence from the food industry (4).
  3. Eliminate caps on saturated fats (8,20,22).
  4. Be nutritionally sufficient, and those nutrients should come from real foods, not from
    artificially fortified refined grains (9).
  5. Promote low-carb diets as at least one safe and effective intervention for people
    struggling with obesity, diabetes, and heart disease (10,11,13,21,27).
  6. Offer a true range of diets that respond to the diverse nutritional needs of our population
  7. De-emphasize the role of aerobic exercise in controlling weight (14,32).
  8. Recognize the controversy on salt and cease the blanket "lower is better”
    recommendation (15,16,26).
  9. Stop using any language suggesting that sustainable weight control can simply be
    managed by creating a caloric deficit (14,21,27,28,29,30).
    10.Cease its advice to replace saturated fats with polyunsaturated vegetable oils to prevent
    cardiovascular disease (17,18,19,20).
    11.Stop steering people away from nutritious whole foods, such as whole-fat dairy and
    regular red meat (18).
    12.Include a cap on added sugar, in accordance with the updated WHO guidelines, ideally
    no greater than 5% of total calories (25).
    13.Be based on a complete, comprehensive review of the most rigorous (randomized,
    controlled clinical trial) data available; on subjects for which this more rigorous data is not
    available, the Guidelines should remain silent