Dr. Malcolm Kendrick is on a roll!

(Bob M) #1

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick’s latest blog puts it all together:

It is my personal opinion Dr. Kendrick has THE BEST analysis of what actually causes heart disease. And it’s not LDL or LDL-p.

(Bunny) #2

The real cause of CHD, CVD et al:

The human body makes its own glucose, so if we eat lots of glucose and foods that make more glucose and then this over-exposure to sugar starts glycating proteins and lipids, and that starts cross-linking with collagen making the surface of skin tissue and internal veins; arteries weak and fragile losing its elasticity (ever wonder why your skin tears and bruises so easily with the slightest provocation?) or molecular bonds (makes it waxy and hard; crumbling apart on a molecular level) and additionally sugar blocks absorption of micronutrients and your own natural hormones, then you get radial arterial calcification…

It’s all about how much sugar, bread (galactose) and processed garbage that is being consumed.

It really is that simple!

High cholesterol, triglycerides, particle size…blah blah is guilty by association not by cause nor affect!

Come on people, somebody really needs to edit this stupid Wikipedia post entry on Advanced glycation end products (AGEs); let’s get real (looks like someone {vegan agenda} had a vested interest in this?):

Dietary Sources:

”…Animal-derived foods that are high in fat and protein are generally AGE-rich and are prone to further AGE formation during cooking.[3] …More

Is there a biochemist in the house?
(CharleyD) #3

Kinda hard to have glycation without sugar… Now exposure of protein to heat is another story…

(Ken) #4

It’s even more simple. Produce Glucagon.

(Bunny) #5

I will eat pounds of refined sugar mixed with beet sugar and you eat your cooked meat, then we will compare biomarkers (blood work) and then we will see who has more glycation damage? If my brittle body tissue holds together after the experiment? Within six months my lipids, proteins, collagen, body tissue will all become part sugar, I would become a walking candy cane; please don’t drop me I might shatter on the pavement!

I would also add that the glycation from eating cooked meat is going to be so tiny and minuscule that its not going to matter unless your eating tons of highly refined sugar and carbs on top of it!

(CharleyD) #6

Stop. Your actual real world experiment will cause undue cognitive dissonance amongst the true believers. You mustn’t trigger the zealots!

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New from the Virta blog:

Secret Sugars: The 56 Different Names for Sugar By Anna Barnwell, MPH, MSW on Dec 03, 2018 10:15 am*

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According to Twitter, he is about to deleted from Wikipedia because of his unorthodox views


The guy deserves a medal for swimming against the tide.:1st_place_medal:

(Janet) #10

True, by an unnamed skeptic. https://drmalcolmkendrick.org/2018/12/03/dr-malcolm-kendrick-deletion-from-wikipedia/