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Dr. Ken Berry, author of “Lies My Doctor Told Me” guest on 2KD’s episode 111, and whose book @carl Franklin will be reading as an audiobook, has a fantastic video up on Dr. Westman’s #AskAdapt youtube channel. I love that his practice is in a small town (Camden, TN, has a population of 3500 people) He’s clearly exuberant about Keto/LCHF.

Some of what caught my attention:

  • “You have more power than you think you do”
  • “It should be embarrassing to the average doctor that there’s a dialysis clinic in every small town in America – that’s a travesty”
  • He talks about a number of laws, such as the "law of the instrument” "law of remuneration” “law of authority” “law of the shortcut” “less bad is thought of good” He uses these to explain why we’re in this situation.
  • He then offers way to engage family and friends

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I love Dr. Berry. He comes across as something of a hick, but when you listen, you realize that he’s very smart and very well-read. That folksy manner of his also makes it easy to take in what he’s saying. Too bad he’s both married and heterosexual (sigh!).

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I learned a long time ago to never let southern mannerisms fool you. If you look at Camden, NCTN (edit: oops), on the map, while it is outside of a major metro region, it’s in beautiful country. It’s encouraging to me that a small-town doctor would be so “in” in Keto/LCHF. I’d imagine a lot of culinary resistance in a small town.

My personal PCP dispensed with “standard” nutritional guidelines 2 years ago. I went LCHF a year after. Return visit showed dramatically improved blood work and weight loss. He said; “Oh, I’ve heard good things about LCHF.” Now he tells me. Anyhow, as Dr. Berry says, it’s on us, the patients.

Sorry I can’t help on the other front. :wink:

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You are so lucky to have a keto-aware doctor, however belatedly you learned that he was. My PCP didn’t bat an eyelash when I told him I was keto, but I couldn’t tell whether that was because he approves, or because he’s close to retirement age and doesn’t get as engaged with weird patients as he used to. On the other hand, my bloodwork came back completely normal, so it’s not as though he can complain, even if he doesn’t approve of keto.

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Pure genius!

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That’s fair. Simply being from Tennessee automatically makes people assume you’re a hick, until you prove otherwise. :rofl:

Same rule applies to: Kentucky, Alabama, and Mississippi.

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Stone’s Rag - Jon Bekoff (RIP) & Nate Paine - Twin Fiddles and buckdancer

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Thanks for the post😄

Timely for the above quote though
I just found out last week, in the then to be unknown location, a dialysis center was opening up😳
Nothing against them

I was curious/hoping , thought maybe a small store, restaurant, small market?. Kinda excited at first. Only a mile away.
Several food places in the existing center now

Since then, I notice the dialysis centers everywhere!!
All over the place

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In my case, it’s the accent. I somehow learned to associate certain ways of talking with ignorance, don’t know why. I have to admit I’m a linguistic snob.

I have cousins who are hicks, in the sense of being resolutely rural people. It doesn’t make them stupid or ignorant, just rural. But I can see that clearly in my cousins’ case, because their accent is different from Dr. Berry’s.

In defense of my original post about the good doctor, I’d just like to point out that the way he comes across is actually an effective part of his delivery. As I think I already mentioned, his folksy way of talking makes it easier to learn from him.

Fortunately, I enjoy having my stereotypes blasted to smithereens. But I doubt I’ll ever get over the cognitive dissonance of hearing brilliant physics spouted in Feynman’s Queens accent or Cox’s Cockney accent (or whatever it is).

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Cox’s is Mancunian (officially Northern and therefore wonderful and many many miles away from London)! I love his books and always end up hearing the words in his accent.

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Thanks! I suspected it wasn’t really Cockney and shouldn’t have even tried to characterize it.

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No worries :wink: I’m Northern myself, so will always Big it up :wink:


Hey, with all the mighty fine men out there who turn out to be gay, you don’t get to complain. :joy:

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Why not? Complaining is so much FUN! :grinning:

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Just because we talk slower doesn’t mean we think slower! :star_struck::grinning:

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I have been stalking Audible!!! When do you think the release will be?

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I doubt if anyone is genuine Cockney these days. You have to be born within the sound of Bow Bells and the traffic is so bad someone’s mother could give birth right in the church itself and not hear the bells.

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I was just on Audible searching for it and didn’t find it. Came here to see if there were any updates. Anyone know when it will be released? @carl