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I just watched a video by Dr. Cywes on vegetables. He said that; Eat all the vegetables you want in the way God and nature intended you to eat them. Around the 7:42 mark. Since I am just staring out in KETO I have never read or watched anyone make this claim. Has anyone veteran heard this before?

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99% Of the fruits and vegetables in the store today did not exist in their present form, if at all,100 years ago.
So God is a lot younger than I thought he is…

We did not evolve to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables…

I did not bother to watch the video after reading the synopsis.

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I don’t care whether Cywes or anyone else says so, it’s nonsense. As @OldDog notes, fruit and veggies are not what they used to be. Our ancestors evolved in an environment where ‘fruit’ and ‘veggies’ were 90+% indigestible celluose not the big sugar sacks they’ve been selectively bred to be now. Think about it for a second or two. If we actually needed to eat fruit and vegetables (ie carbs) to survive, we would not be here simply because our ancestors would have gone extinct long ago. Are there beneficial nutrients in some fruits and vegetables? Sure. But if they’re essential, then the fruits and vegetables are not the only or primary source. In my humble opinion.

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The phrase “as God intended” has interesting implications. For example,

In the course of time Cain brought to the Lord an offering of the fruit of the ground, and Abel for his part brought of the firstlings of his flock, their fat portions. And the Lord had regard for Abel and his offering, but for Cain and his offering he had no regard. (Genesis 4:3-5)

So here it would appear that God intends us to eat meat and fat, not vegetables. (With thanks to Nina Teicholz for pointing this out.)


Interestingly enough. Dr. Cywes has another video where he points this same fact out @ 0:30 seconds into the video, a video where he also seemingly condemns vegetables, but I can’t tell if it’s contradictory to this video?

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Fruit of the Ground is obviously Pomme de Terre which I vaguely remember from reading Bridget Jones Diary, is Potatoes. So we know why Nina Teicholz (=god) doesn’t want us to eat those!

More usefully, if you make protein the hero of your plate, you could fill up on fresh non starchy vegetables cooked in good fat. Butter is nice. This may work for you. Or you may need to restrict vegetables.

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He not talking about fruits in this video it is talking about green vegetables mainly and he says he no to potatoes no rice no grains…

And he is saying eat them as what they are dont transform them dont make shakes so not in cream sauces or cheese sauces…

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I think he is a good doktor.
Guiding people to better health the best he can and as MANY people as he can.

Telling them that vegetables are evil and poison like I would, isnt going to get him very far.

So he is agreeing with the green ones, thats clever and is going to get him what he wants. Pull more into healthy lifestyle.

He gets a thumbs up from me. And I’m the one who claims veggys should be ritually burned, not eaten.


I’ve watched just a few minutes, not the whole video. What he was saying about the God thing is to eat the veggies raw, as opposed to cooking them. Earlier in the video I understood he meant the veggies more like garnishing, than as in a big plate of them.

Sounds good advice to me. Process the least possible, eat enough veggies to avoid the temptation of taking supplements.

If people start like this, they’ll already be healthier and perhaps even lose weight.

He seems to be a reasonable person in this video.


I don’t think it’s good to say what people willing to listen to even if it’s not right…

But as many people are fine with vegetables, I am not particularly upset - and I didn’t even listen to the video, why would I, it’s not for me for sure… I don’t work well with carbs (and hate most green leaves with a passion, I did it as a huge veggie-lover too, they are like grass to me. but if I really liked them, I would eat too much carbs from those. If I was allowed to cook them, at least. I always was moderate with raw stuff, that’s why I started to use raw vegan dishes again after I went keto.)
We all are different and we can’t be happy on the same woe… We all should decide what to do with vegetables. I make my own rules as only that can work for me.

Very good point on good intended plants, guys :slight_smile: And it’s very true, our anchestors, even just several hundred years ago had very different options (100 years ago too but still closer). Let alone thousands years ago and that is no time in evolution. We aren’t like our ape relatives eating grass and fruits (yeah, chimpanzees eat animals too but they are very focused on fruits as far as I know. and ants but that’s probably not much especially if the ape in question is young and impatient).

But I honestly don’t care much about my anchestors when my body clearly show me my way… Carbs mess up things so I pretty much avoid them.

But I understand the masses need some info. I have no idea what I would tell them. Probably my thing that we are all different :slight_smile: And some facts and general good advice that works for many…
No juicing our veggies and fruits, it’s a very common advice (I still managed to listen to him a bit). I keep the right for making my stuff into a mush, ground, cook apart, mix or whatever I want :slight_smile: I still use the whole thing, not like I care, honestly, I eat so little vegetables… They are just spice (in a wide meaning).

So my body won’t let me eat too much… Yeah, sure. I did my first strict paleo day high-carb due to my vegetable loving self… I don’t remember the details, it seems extreme but quite possible for me back then. I definitely couldn’t do keto while eating as much veggies I wanted, I had to lower them to fit my 40g NET carbs on keto (my total was way, way higher). I chose this number (and got lucky with it) because it was the lowest possible number while still eating a little amount of veggies so I won’t quit right away (I am lost about the proper tense here, it was always my weakness in English and they say it’s an easy language to learn… to some extent, maybe). I had to ban fried cauliflower immediately when I met this amazing dish as it brought 40+ g net carbs even if I just ate the minimal amount and only once in a day. (Eventually, on my most determined days I was able to eat a smaller amount - if I had no more, of course, I have my limits - but it was tiring, I like to eat as much as I desire from anything. If it causes problems, none then, that’s usually fine.)

And even this strict 40g net carbs was way too much for me. I must go way lower (and preferably using most of my carbs on animal stuff).
So don’t tell me all the veggies are fine for everyone and it’s impossible to eat too much…
I know others who has problems with veggies.

Back to the video. It doesn’t seem he is for veggies, good. And yeah, I ate vegetables because they tasted good :smiley: Not everyone is like that, apparently, some people eat them because they think they are needed. They force down veggies 5-6 times a day because of that. Poor souls. Most of us shouldn’t even need to eat 5-6 times! But tricky people with tiny energy need wanting to lose fat still manage it. They have pure vegetable snacks just to keep up with the number… I met such a one a few days ago (online. I am not a social person, I rarely even see people. I am way more social online).

So… From the parts I have heared, it seems okay as general advice but it’s not true at some parts and unnecessarily restricting at others if he really meant we shouldn’t cook and ground the veggies. Of course I cook and ground them. I use spice mixes too but onions in a Hungarian stew often aren’t even recognizable, they are just there. Good luck staying in their already tiny fried pieces when we add a bunch of beef and cook it for ages… What’s wrong with that?

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I try to avoid raw vegetables. Want IBS? Eat raw vegetables. I do partake in a salad sometimes, but not often.

People are different, but I’ve found that I cook all of my vegetables, except for the occasional salad, mushroom, or pickle. Maybe fermented.

For instance, bell peppers cause me issues if eaten raw. If I blanch them (boil them in water for say 3 minutes), then stuff them with a ground meat/minced meat mixture, and then bake that, I can eat them. Otherwise, they cause me issues.

I’ve found that I eat fewer and fewer vegetables as time goes on, though I still like the ones I do eat.


Dr C is one of the greats to me. Not one doubt in my mind he IS showing people ‘the way’ and boy I agree with a ton of his info he puts out.

What he is saying as God intended has nothing to do with how farming is today on a green bean grown today against a green bean from primitive times.

he said it if anyone listened :slight_smile:

Take a simple green bean.

He said do not modify the green bean. Don’t mash it up and add it into a smoothie with fruit juice or some green bean concoction like Green Giant Green Beans in Cheese Sauce cause it is chemical loaded at that point being overly processed and truly ‘gross food’ at that point.

I don’t think there is anything wrong at all with this info he posted. He said eat what veggies you do OK on if your body accepts them, since he is carb addict Doc he is saying eat low carb veg and enjoy as they came off the vine, off the plant, out of the ground or whatever, just don’t ‘buy or jack them up into crap’…eat them as close to how they came from the land as can be. And most people ‘get this’ but don’t wanna do it in a way :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Fresh green bean. Little olive oil or whatever, sautee for a second, eat.
Little squash you want, little butter rub and grill, done. eat.
Don’t take that squash and jack it up 'into spaghetti squash or ‘noodle’ it and then add a ton of ‘keto made’ sauces cause you ruined how God put it on the earth, right from the plant.

So yea it is a great video and I back Dr C all in :slight_smile:

Key also is if you hit a pro like Dr C in one video and do not see alot of the info he puts out before this video…and jump and see other videos, this video ALONE can be a tad cause confusing for ‘non-understanding new people to this WOE’…so key here is go off and watch Dr C from a tad older times and ramp up as he gives his info in progression. The guy is one fine promoter of a healthy eating lifestyle to me and puts it across very well in my eyes, but then again, I KNOW LOW CARB and understand keto and I am carnivore so? I did my research big time and he is one of the greats that helped me along the way!


darn we are alike LOL :astonished::clown_face: I so agree!

and him pulling them in with the green ones is cause they are the lower glycemic load. Yea Doc C I think puts his info out there in a way many can easily understand but ‘newbies’ might not get it. Those of us who are here, learned, researched and KNOW what carbs are and do…yea we see this easily but him directing people to some veg and it is ok does just like you say, moves them along to a healthier plan for sure!

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I jumped to the wrong conclusions based on the wording of the OP…

After many, more informed comments, Cywes sounds like he would be worth listening to…


@OldDog, oh no crap, this guy is good LOL
but we all had our ‘go to people’ we watched and learned from our research as we changed…but RC is a steadfast.
he is keto friendly point blank but WILL put people toward carnivore IF they need it so yea Dr C is a cool promoter of how to move forward and thing is…he is giving people options on what they need and is showing people forward to ‘less is more on processed and how we know life is about with food’ and how we need to be us thru it and learn how we eat.

I tell ya I followed RC thru alot of my journey, guy is great LOL but me might biased a bit LOL


It’s a pity you can’t enjoy raw veggies. I’ve eaten them all of my life and never had a problem. Cooked, on the other hand, they’re less tasty. We’re all very different.

I can’t wait for my carnivore experiment to end, so that I can eat spinach again. Raw, of course. So tasty!

By the way, for people who say veggies now aren’t the same as eons ago… what about the meat we eat? Were our ancestors eating meat from farm cows? Porcs? Chicken and their eggs? Nothing is the same.

Another question I haven’t found an answer for yet: all the salt we’re told we should be eating now… where did our ancestors get all of that salt?


Some veggies are better cooked or fried (I prefer frying things until it turns brown. onions, cauliflower, not like I eat the latter anymore…), possibly even more nutritious (I’ve read that about carrots), some are better raw… And we are all individuals with different tastes subject to change.

I only can eat bell peppers raw. I love juicy and crunchy things.
Since the time I mostly stopped eating vegetables, I eat them raw (tiny amounts) and as spice and condiment in some wide meaning. I cling to both types though I need the latter way more. I would be fine without the raw and pickled things, they are “just” very enjoyable occasionally (and I have them. if I lived alone, it would be different) and I can’t see them harmful as they never hurt me even eaten in huge amounts. Except the carbs, those were problematic but I use them in tiny enough amounts now. I consume toxic things (booze) just because I fancy and definitely not need it as well, I am very fine with that. Amount matters.

Sometimes I wonder about that… Though even some wild animals get their salt…
I would think people near the sea got more… And the rest hopefully ate enough from their meat or whatever. And it’s possible to survive with less than ideal sodium too…
Many carnivores don’t salt their food and they are fine too (while some other carnivores need their sodium, probably for different reasons). Our actual woe changes our micronutrient needs too. And seemingly our sodium needs. Or meat has enough for those people.
I never could test eating little sodium, I use less salt than before but I am still super far from eating unsalted meat and even eggs…

And I think “modern meat” is closer to “ancient meat” than these often more sugary fancy easily edible not too fiber-y veggies to the old ones. Meat is mostly water, protein and very different amounts of fat (I don’t know how ancient people get all that fat but they supposedly did. I am not knowledgeable about that and it doesn’t matter so much to me. I don’t care how my anchestors ate for survival, I want to eat ideal for my own individual body)… But vegetables changed tremendously.
They aren’t an important energy source on keto anyway but we can easily get a lot of carbs from eating modern vegetables (and getting out of ketosis if we are there in the first place) and it’s not good at all for some of us. I hardly could overeat carbs from ancient vegetables…
Even if meat changed, “eating vegetables as God intended/made them” (I don’t remember the exact wording but that’s not the point) wasn’t right.
But we talk about keto and meat didn’t change in a way to go against it. Even the worst or most different modern meat isn’t sugary. It’s still meat and fat and water (and a tiny bit sugar but it’s so tiny it’s no problem on keto).
But vegetables got both more sugary (of course, not all, there are some pretty bland and extremely low-carb ones but there are plenty of sweet ones too) and easier to eat. We don’t even need to gather them ourselves seasonally (I doubt my ancient anchestors bothered much with preserving some not very precious and nutritious plants. maybe some but it still was very different from a modern person buying them easily in big amounts, possibly raw and kind of fresh at any time. so it’s not even just the changes though those are significant too).


I like him and think he is a good Keto doctor. It’s important to take what he says in context of the whole of his works, videos. I think he is solid.

I’ve watched many of his videos, although I haven’t yet had opportunity to view this one. I’m not home and don’t have unlimited data. :slightly_smiling_face:

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From salt licks and salt mines.


I think all they had to do was follow the animals to salt licks, because animals that graze (not sure about predators) need salt. I also read that if you are eating animal blood (i.e., carnivore?), you get all the salt you need. Interesting that the word “salary” comes from the Latin word for salt — it was considered such a valuable commodity.