Dr. Berg - what do you think of him?


The thing is, “DR” Berg as it was mentioned previously is not a Dr, Not a dietitian, not a nutritionist and he is giving medical and nutritional advice. It doesnt "just mean that he received the 6 hours of (totally wrong) nutrition “education”. It means that he is in no way qualified to give any advice on the internet or in the real world about vaccines for example (he is anti vaccines), or about “adrenal fatigue”, which according to all endocrinolgy societies to date, it doesnt even exist. He promotes keto for EVERYBODY. And while it is true that keto has many benefits, it doesnt mean it is the ONLY way and not even the BEST way. It suits many, but not all. And he does use DR to give more weight to his opinions. He promotes a lot of pseudoscience for sure. And is is definitely a zealot who doesnt see and respect medical consensus.

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Someone else isn’t a fan…

From a carnivore site…!

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that 10 cups advice got me in serious trouble

I almost died

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Berg’s “10 cups of leafy greens a day” is completely nutty. No. Just, no.

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Yeah, but think of how much blue cheese dressing it could hold! :cheese: