Dr. Ben Bikman puts limits on insulin for insulin resistance

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Just listened to this for my morning workout:

It’s on You Tube, too:


In this, he (Dr. Bikman) says fasting insulin over about 6 is “yellow” for insulin resistance and over 12 (I think that was the limit) is “red”. For a two hour Kraft test (OGTT with insulin), below 30 is good.

Units I think are uIU/mL.

Darn! I almost always get over 6, more like 8-10 for fasting insulin (though I find these HIGHLY variable). (By this, I mean MORNING, fasting 12+ hours, insulin.) And I got a 41.3 for insulin for 2 hours of Kraft test. I’m still somewhat insulin resistant, apparently.

I’ve restarted with fasting, trying to get one day of 36+ hour fasting per week. I may (gah!) have to back off protein (if that actually causes higher daily insulin levels, which I actually have no idea whether that’s true, since I can’t test it).

Now, if I only had a freaking insulin meter, that would help.

Dr. Bikman also illustrated there are differences in all of this for cultures. White European descent people tend to be not that bad while fatter. Meanwhile, Chinese or other Asians, even if less fat than whites, are a lot worse off. I forget what other cultures he discussed.

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“Sodcast,” eh? I thought that sounded like Peter Ballerstedt! :grin:

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He has a wide range of people on there. I happen to like a lot of the agriculture people, since it’s completely different. Forages? What the heck are those?

This is probably the 4th or 5th podcast I’ve listened to from Dr. Bikman, but it’s the only one (I’ve heard) where he gives “hard” numbers for the insulin you have. (Though maybe he does that in his book? I don’t have it.)

This is where I need an insulin meter. For instance, I’d love to do a high P:E (low carb/keto) diet for 2 weeks and test fasting, morning insulin. Maybe another few times during the day. Then eat the same meat, but add fat to it, like suet or other animal fat. Try this for two weeks. What happens to insulin?

Maybe try the same thing, but with dairy. What happens to insulin?

I just need that insulin meter…

And I know of at least one place offering them, but the price was too steep.