Doubling down on stupid


They sucked me in with this teaser:

“There’s new findings as to whether chicken is really better for lowering cholesterol than red meat…”

I’m thinking ‘OMG they’re going to say red meat is great, we got it all wrong, etc’… But no. It was how saturated fat was the “bad” part of the meat. sigh

The actual study (which I haven’t read yet)

Independent of protein source, high compared with low SFA increased LDL cholesterol ( P = 0.0003), apoB ( P = 0.0002), and large LDL ( P = 0.0002).

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After each month, the researchers measured the participants’ levels of LDL cholesterol, the so-called bad cholesterol.

“Keeping all else constant — even the level of animal fat — the levels were higher on both sources of meat compared to the nonmeat diet,” Krauss told NBC News.

So they kept the level of animal fat constant across the red meat, the chicken and the nonmeat diet. Animal fat on the non meat diet?? Eh?? I’d love to know how they did that!

Anyway, they are saying: eat meat and your LDL cholesterol goes up. Well, duh!! That’s one of the many reasons why I eat meat!


I think they gave them some amino acid cocktail. Haven’t got that far yet.

They have basically proven that sat fat increases the good part of LDL - the large particles seen in patern A. But of course that’s not the spin. Because… [you knew this was coming]

The findings are in keeping with recommendations promoting diets with a high proportion of plant-based food but, based on lipid and lipoprotein effects, do not provide evidence for choosing white over red meat for reducing CVD risk.

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Well that sounds kinda sensible, as we know that high LDL is protective of ACM.

I love these studies that make massive assumptions going in eg LDL is bad for your health.


Obviously, this is not based on a diet low in carbs either. :roll_eyes:


LDL cholesterol and apoB were higher with red and white meat than with nonmeat, independent of SFA content. This was due primarily to increases in large LDL particles, whereas small + medium LDL and total/high-density lipoprotein cholesterol were unaffected by protein source.

Non-meat protein source provides less large LDL. Got it.

Differences in SFA content between the high- and low-SFA arms were from tropical oils and fats, with the remainder provided by high-fat dairy products.

Butter and coconut oil FTW. :checkered_flag:

In the present study, food sources of protein were varied by providing ∼12% E from either: lean cuts of red meat; lean white meat; or nonmeat sources (legumes, nuts, grains, isoflavone-free soy products).

Let’s see, which food groups would I prefer to avoid… :thinking:

Dietary carbohydrates were provided in the form of complex starches and simple sugars in a 60:40 ratio, with total carbohydrate content held constant across experimental diets.

On second thoughts, just shoot me now. :skull_and_crossbones:

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I saw a blurb on this this morning on the news. They talked about the increase in large LDL particles like it was a bad thing. Just ridiculous.

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Next, these people will start telling cows that eating grass is bad for them…


That’s part of their superpower! Turning grass into ribeye for me. :smiling_imp:

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Exactly, so I don’t have to try and eat grass, the cows do it for me!