Donuts in the office had no appeal


(Sharilyn J Clay) #1

Today I walked into the kitchen at my office to an array of donuts and I felt…NOTHING…absobloominlutely NOTHING! I never in a million years thought I would not want a donut!!! Hallelujah! I am free!

(LeeAnn Brooks) #2

The one downside to working at Costco is that when the bakery tries out a new product, they bring it into the office for people to sample. Since I work in the office, I have to be around it a lot.
I’ve been solid as a rick though. Can’t say I’m not a little tempted.

Good for you.

(Candy Lind) #3

Euphoria ensues! Ain’t it great?? :heart_eyes:

(Jeanne Wagner) #4

Yes!!! I have been free for a few months and I just LOVE it. Not to be tempted AT ALL is the best feeling ever. I was never able to resist the sugary or carby treats before. It’s like a miracle. Good for you!! :+1:

(Tricia Roth) #5

I resisted donuts today, too. Could be the honeymoon phase. But it was easy to resist!!

(Mother of Puppies ) #6

How do we get to that point?

I feel like I’m halfway there.

(Jeanne Wagner) #7

Candice for me it was a combination of long and short term fasts with the keto eating that did it. It killed off the sugar-hungry gut bacteria enough that it didn’t control me anymore.

Now after the 2019 holidays I basically am starting over after letting myself give into treats because ‘stress.’ After I was ‘set’ I couldn’t understand how people could get sucked in again even being stressed out but now I do! I sincerely hope that I never forget what I’m going through now just to get back to an even keel. It just sucks.


I was at a hospitality room the other day that literally had nothing except lasagna, bread sticks and desserts. I just didn’t eat. Being able to go longer periods without food is a big help.

(Mother of Puppies ) #9

I’m realizing exercise (substitute endorphins) is the only thing that works for me. I’m obsessive compulsive AND a stress eater. Terrible combo.

Gotta disrupt that constant stress.

(charlie3) #10

There was a constant stream of crap food where I worked and it was a serious problem. I’ve been in retirement mode for the past year. Getting away from the donuts and pizzia is one of the biggest perks of the new life. The remaining challenges are Christmas with the family, a neices birthday party, and treats from the ice cream store near the farm in summer time.