Don't understand why people want to go back


agree on that~~

but to all, also one has to add into each of us, many are super sensitive to any carb intake, so our insulin sensitivity is way higher for some and most don’t even have a clue this is happening.

intake of critical carb limit, once near it, we crave more and more physically, a real deal physical addiction for the body and boom, off plan we eat all the crap the body is screaming we must eat and then add in our mental comfort and want/desire to eat crap cause of its taste most of us love, yea big whammy coming at both ways for alot of us.

we are thru total survival to have food to, like survive if required but remember too, that little natural seasonal fruit IS NOTHING like fruit of today ever. It is gmo hacked and increased for sweetness. Corn is one of the biggest issues to be seen…corn in old times ain’t nothing what corn we created now at all. Corn was small, non sweet to the level of what ‘we did’ as a world to it :slight_smile:

to all, it is a hard manuever in today’s world of food out there for all of us.

(Edith) #22

Which makes me wonder why the Mayans or Aztecs, whoever domesticated corn in the first place, thought is was something to spend their time improving?


from the internet and WAY more info out there on it all:
nothing like we would even consider, it ain’t all about food in the ancient times

blurb: The Aztec Empire 's agriculture was very developed and religion played a huge role in it. The Aztec people worshiped a God of corn and put a lot of thought into how to neatly organize their-----------and off ya go on real truths on why food items were used and more.

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I couldn’t agree more.
There is this thing called “The Human Condition”. It’s in all of us. One day we are minding our own business, living life and then suddenly something happens: a serious illness, financial worries, relationship troubles, job stresses…you get the picture. Sometimes a person can react to these things by “self medicating”.
I will never judge anyone because I haven’t walked in their shoes.


There are a couple of keto/carnivore coaches out there, and at least two docs I’ve heard interviewed, who in fact say compassion for yourself, forgiving yourself at every turn, is THE key to curing your ills/staying keto or carnivore, far more than “no carbs” is the key. You fall off, and you berate yourself, the journey back is longer. You fall off, and say “I’m only human, and the next meal I’ll do better,” and then that is what you do, as an act of kindness to the beloved self.

Mental game first, and loving yourself (yes, even when you’re fat and farting from IBS) is the way to a lifelong change. Otherwise, it’s just a diet, driven by self-hatred, and you haven’t fixed one of the core problems.

Compassion for self makes it far easier to be less judgy about others, for you see the humanity in them and can love that it’s not perfect as well.

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I was a complete and total “fathead” for a year or so and lost a ton of weight (and a ton of hair, but that’s another story.) I didn’t exactly choose to go back, it snuck up on me over time. Why?

  1. I wasn’t looking for a “quick fix”, but once my shape and weight were stable and pleasing, my diet fell off the radar a bit. I no longer had the dissatisfaction that had kept me motivated, my focus went elsewhere.

  2. I didn’t suddenly say OK, No More Keto! But I would allow myself the occasional serving of chips or chocolate or pretzels or beer, foods my husband loves and we keep in the house, and that gradually started to seem like a normal daily snack rather than a rare treat.

  3. We moved. One of the easiest ways to enjoy our new place and feel a little less strange was going out to eat. Since this was a string of “special occasions” and “rewards”, there was way too much indulgence. “Ooh, pork tenderloin sandwich? That sounds SO good and I’ve never had one, I’m going to explore the cuisine here!” It’s not that I didn’t Know that was a huge carb load, I just prioritized other things.

  4. This is sort of out-there. But weight loss is such a clear, linear goal. You can look at a chart and say yes, I have accomplished this. It’s not like, “be more social” or “be creative”, something that’s hard to quantify. I sometimes wonder if I yo-yo because I subconsciously need a simple and straightforward place to feel like I’ve succeeded at something, and this is why I don’t “notice” the weight gain until it’s a big fat mountain of work to get it off.

I’m back on keto and loving it again, this time trying to learn and remember how much anxiety and discomfort my unhealthy body causes me, and how nice it is to leave that behind.