Dollar Tree Bargains


This week they have

15oz cans of Mackerel in brine
6oz cans of Albacore in water
6oz cans of pink Salmon in brine
8oz jars of coconut oil
10 fl oz bottles of Magnesium Citrate

A wide variety of salts and seasonings, and of course they are all just $1 each


Just wanted to add, that drained canned mackerel and sardines are delicious when patted dry with some kitchen towel and fried till crispy in some butter


Yesterday they had large jars of garlic stuffed olives. Bought three. They’re a great snack. Their pork rinds are really good too.

(Renee Slaughter) #4

This week I found small rolls of farmer John sausage great for breakfast. I also found a bacon wrapped chicken filet. There is a beef version also but it’s just ok. The chicken filet is great in a salad. 310 calorie, 18grams of fat. It is112gr. Very tasty. I also found Butcher Boy coconut oil refined 7.25 oz. Surfing the web, it’s available in larger jars at Big Lots. I used to see it only occasionally at Dollar Tree. Now I can find it regularly. Who says keto has to be expensive.