Does sugar kick you out of ketosis?

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Just suggestions as you mentioned cost…

1 packet of burgers - scrap these, get more minced beef and make your own
2 packets of sliced cheese (to bulk up and spice meals) - buy blocks and grate your own
Chicken legs - thighs are cheaper and better
2 packets of avocados - but why?

I think I mostly buy minced beef and canned sardines, sometimes chicken thighs, don’t need to buy eggs and wouldn’t buy commercial ones anyway.

Tesco / Aldi 20% fat mince beef £1.69 for 500g, sardines 39p a can, five of each a week and that’s my food (Mon - Fri) sorted.


Isn’t those the same?

Here all chicken leg related costs the same anyway (except the feet but fortunately I rarely see that, people LOVE it and I can’t stand it :D))…

Yes, there are options but it’s individual if it’s a good idea to lower the costs. If one can afford the thing they fancy, they probably won’t give it up. And these weren’t luxury items for a normal person in a normal country. I obviously wouldn’t buy beef as I can’t afford it (wow, the price you wrote, that’s low!). But I almost never eat chicken as I prefer pork even if it’s more expensive (but it actually satiates me and it’s way more convenient. and it’s available unlike beef that is only in bigger towns and cities). So there are many factors to consider, of course you know that as it’s obvious.

Many people ADORE avocados. That’s why. Why I buy butter despite it’s a luxury item and I am super poor? Because it’s lovely in many situations and I would feel miserable without ANY :slight_smile:
I drink coffee too, waste of money, I should stop it… :frowning: But I am just a weak mortal.

Well yes, amounts may be lowered, I do that with the items where it’s possible. I can’t lower my amount of meat though.


Hi, thanks for your reply and suggestions. I buy the sliced Edam or Gouda because my body seems most OK with these as they are low in lactose, otherwise I totally agree with your suggestion to buy large blocks, as we do for the rest of the family. The eggs I really can’t keto without, I eat three of them a day. And bacon, where would I be without bacon lol, I use 4 rashers every day for breakfast. I find all of those items on my food shop list really necessary for my quality of life and enjoyment of food which goes hand in hand in my opinion. Yes I could probably do it a lot cheaper and just eat minced beef, but I find I need that texture, something to chew and gnaw and nibble. When I grew up, my father being so meat mad, it was something we always had aplenty, and then later I went away from all that and for many years hardly had any protein in my poor high carb diet at all. But now that I’ve started keto all that’s come back to me, the desire to eat meat and plenty of it. I actually enjoy meat far more now than dairy (which is now just a side dish) and eggs, but I still want to have those foods, and not just yet go outright carnivore. I’ve suffered ill health for a number of years and after one serious health scare which I won’t go into detail about and one frustrating diagnosis after another (roseaca, reynolds, lipoedema) it came to a point when I had to admit to myself I was doing something (or a lot) wrong and not benefitting my health. I don’t know what the outcome of doing keto will be, but I feel it is a positive step in the right direction, but for me, in order to make it sustainable, I have to have certain foods that I enjoy and look forward to eating.

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No not here, legs are just the drumstick part of the leg not including the thigh. If you want the leg with the thigh it’s called a chicken quarter.


I am the same with the meats, I find it’s the one thing I can’t compromise on. So we compromise on other things, we don’t have on heating except when it’s really cold, but wrap up well. Although I have a penchant for pretty dresses I buy myself a new one only once a year. Otherwise I pick them up in charity shops which I love going to. We don’t do expensive holidays, but enjoy taking a trip to the seaside. I don’t use the hairdresser, my partner is good at cutting hair. And I have the most boring hair colour, mousy brown, but I’d rather spend money on meat than hair, beauty salons, though I do buy myself a facial moisturizer that costs me £15 a month, but it’s been so good for my roseaca. So we all do what we can and I suspect we all want the same in the end which is good health and good quality of life.


Ah, I thought they were the same as well. It’s chicken thighs we usually get, 4 large in a pack, and then my partner and I have 2 each as I can’t get my picky children to eat chicken meat. And my partner do soups and curries for himself and get a lot more out of the chicken. I also bought a gammon joint that I’m going to bake in the oven, and that should last me for a few days, as could make interesting side dishes. So I’m working on making the meats on my week shop last longer without sacrificing taste. I am still a total novice at keto.


We call the drumstick “lower thigh” (even my aunt who was a doctor didn’t get it when I told her it’s a different body part) and the most common item is the whole leg (minus the foot) with a piece of the butt, whatever that of a chicken is called. Nice piece, the best part of the chicken for me.

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Thighs have less bone and cartilage than the legs. They usually have more actual meat on them as well.
In the USA, thighs with the leg are called Marylands (no idea why). I think they taste better than legs as well. I do buffalo thighs instead of wings, for the extra meatiness.

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That may be a regionalism. I’ve never seen it in eastern New York or western Connecticut. Here, the supermarkets sell “drumsticks,” “thighs,” and “legs” (= both drumstick and thigh, unseparated).


I can relate :slight_smile: Chicken wings (they seem to be popular here too as they are more expensive) are more like cat food to me, so tiny meat and much skin and the smaller part is especially bad, almost no meat and it just roasts into an inedible block… I always preferred thighs, by far anyway, maybe it’s even tastier to me? I don’t know, almost never ate wings and every bird is different.
But while I avoid chicken wings, turkey is bigger and I like to buy turkey wing bases now (the biggest, meatiest part, yay) but I should make sure I always have some substantial meat with it… I didn’t today and I have spend the whole eating window (4 hours) being hungry and eating. Maybe I will learn now… Fowl can’t satiate me. But nice now and then :slight_smile: Fowl is often just the side dish for carnivores… Of course we are all different, some people get satiated with chicken and some people can’t do it even with pork…
Sometimes I wish I could be fine with just a bunch of fowl meat but it doesn’t happen, no matter how fatty it is.