Does sparkling water help to get rid of gas or make it worse?


I am just talking about plain sparkling water that you can make at home.

Would this help to burp up excess gas in the stomach and intestines, or would it just make bloating worse by causing more trapped gas?

Also is carbonated water bad for you in any way? I think I have read it is not really bad for you so I’m thinking it’s fine but I don’t know for sure.

(Allie) #2

Try it and see, it’s the only way you’ll know.

Some say the carbonation process isn’t good, I don’t worry. The majority of the water I drink is sparkling.


If you need to burp, you will burp. The feeling that you need to burp is something you need to find your own strategy to deal with.
So just try it. Its not going to do any harm.

Is this just now? Or is it something you are always trying to deal with?


100% Individual, most people don’t have issues with the C02 unless your body traps it and that’s where the gas happens, also depends on how much of it you’re drinking. If you’re an air swallower when you eat (I am) and drinking that, it can make it bad. The exception to the rule seems to always be Root Beer, myself and everybody I know when drinking root beer let’s out burps that start at the feet! Can’t figure it out. Even the Zevia one does it and that’s barely a real Root Beer.

It’s just water.

(Bacon enough and time) #5

Isn’t the production of most digestive gas related to diet, not to carbonation? In other words, doesn’t the amount of gas we experience depend on what we’ve been feeding our intestinal bacteria?


I wonder if it could be the ginger in the root beer. When I drink ginger tea, I find myself burping up gas a lot.

(Allie) #7

Ginger to good for digestive issues.

(Joey) #8

CO2 in aqueous solution (carbonated water) is entirely harmless to ingest. When the gas is released you will either burp, bloat, or (based on your unique anatomy) simply exhale the gas out in a less noticeable way without the mini-eruptions.

If you’re not the “exhale in a less noticeable way” kind of individual but you don’t mind the burping or bloating, then enjoy your sparkling water liberally.

But you cannot expect to ingest CO2-infused water and not have the gas try to escape at its first opportunity.

(Bacon enough and time) #9

Nor is the carbon dioxide at all likely to react with any methane produced by one’s intestinal bacteria, since carbon dioxide is the end result of combusting methane.

Better to eliminate all foods from which the bacteria might be producing methane, such as beans, legumes, and the like.

(Joey) #10

Point well taken. Absent combustion, methane CH4 (and oxygen, O2) would not yield CO2 + H2O. Hot sauce wouldn’t be enough to help.

(Bacon enough and time) #11

Assuming my memories of highschool science have not been altered by space aliens, I believe it’s

CH4 + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O

(Now, why can I remember that, from five decades ago, but not where I put my car keys five minutes ago? :grin:)

(Robin) #12

I’m waiting for this to address spontaneous combustion.

(Bacon enough and time) #13

We’ll have a blast! :firecracker:

(Joey) #14

Good memory. That equation balances!