Does mushy protein digest and absorb?


Dumb question but tonight I cooked up my king salmon and it was strangely moist and mushyish and not as fresh tasting. Will it still absorb as well ? Does texture matter in absorption?

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I doubt it. The whole point of stomach acid is to dissolve the foods we eat, so I think there’s nothing to worry about. The body doesn’t absorb “protein,” after all; it absorbs individual amino acids and repurposes them into new proteins.


agree with Paul but I don’t even give it a doubt :slight_smile: It is the same when in the body regardless of texture.

worst is it sounds like you sure didn’t enjoy it. nothing worse than that mushy texture when you are expecting that crisp clean firm fresh texture.

I googled ‘why does salmon get mushy’ and it gives alot of reasons. Old fish. Temp for cooking. overcooking. flesh was too wet when starting to cook and a few more reasons. if you google it is an interesting read.