Does keto work for slim persons?

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Thanks @lfod14.

Once I break through my psychological barrier I will start playing with my fat intake. Currently just feel like I am adding it to everything and stuffing myself with it and it still doesn’t add up to much.

I can see more muscle definition in my legs although there is a thin coating of fat layer there, but if what you are saying is true then I may be loosing my muscle and that fat layer is just laughing at me all the live-long day :wink:

Starving myself, who would have thought? Definitely not me!!!

I’m on this guys!!!


Sadly it’s very common, scale goes down, while BF% goes up!

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Ohhhh my opposite :smiley: I focus on the leanest item I can stomach, try to avoid added fats, cream, sour cream… And it’s still 120g on a good day… I have a general attitude of minimizing my fat intake since about 12 years, it keeps me from going crazy most of the time… So I think I can relate, I would have your problem if I suddenly found myself with a need to eat very many calories (4-5000 kcal a day) as I actively would need to fight against my 12 years old rusted (so hard to take out) breaks regarding fat intake. Or not, I love fat so maybe I could revert back to super high-fat eating. It must be harder with someone who ate low-fat before. I can’t imagine as I never did that (for more than one day).
But we probably all know what is like going against an old habit. It can be very, very hard, physically and especially mentally.

So. Eating much fat. I may have tips.

  1. Some very fatty item you like and find tempting? Like bacon for many people. I can’t eat much bacon in one sitting (but it still helps with fat something), mine is cream, butter or very fatty meat but there are many options.
  2. Drinking fat and calories? Soft things are often easier to eat too, like cream, sour cream, even butter… But I could drink very many eggs (and cream or butter) in my eggy coffees too… I actually used them to boost my intake sometimes, both protein and fat.

Try out things. These are individual, one fatty item may quickly satiate or satisfy someone while it can easily balloons the fat intake of another.

Protein. I am not sure you would lose muscle at 53g protein not eating in a calorie deficit, it may be enough to keep a normal, not serious musculature for a short woman. But if we eat in a deficit, some extra safety measure are useful and if we eat in a big deficit, it probably eats up muscles even if we eat much protein… It’s probably complicated and it depends on various things. I surely don’t wanna take chances, my little muscles must be kept, I actually want gain as much as I can (as a 46 years old woman who has no muscular past, it’s little but I appreciate every tiny improvement!). 90-100g protein sounds pretty nice and safe for someone like us. So if it’s easy to eat this much, I would advice this amount to everyone with similar stats. If it’s a torture, I probably would consider going lower a better option… But first one should try if they can pull it off. 100g protein fits into very little food, I don’t know how it can be hard to eat but there are such people as we probably all know. It’s easier to imagine the problem if one has an eating disorder and actively tries to avoid eating enough, consciously or not. Or when one never gets hungry and when they do, satiation comes after a few bites, it’s not even rare with very low-carb. I use my own tips then and they usually work but it’s me.

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Thank you @Shinita! Your idea of an eggy coffee is intriguing… I LOVE coffee. I am going to look into that idea right now!

Actually ate breakfast today before I left for work at 7:00 - Egg, three slices of bacon, half an avocado and the butter from the pan poured over all. May have been one too many pieces of bacon (if that can possibly be a thing) but I need to figure it all out as I go. I have not had breakfast this early since maybe my last years of high school when I ate before I left for school. Adjustments to be made and morning food comas to overcome :wink: but thanks to all of you as I was encouraged to give it a go!

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Hello Everyone!

I know I am only two days in to my new higher calorie / protein attempts but WOW, I feel soooo much better already. My headaches are gone, my legs were not gassed during our quick-moving 5K walk last night and I have actual color in my face (I had been blaming bad bathroom lighting, apparently I just looked sickly).

And if I get those improvements with the ridiculous “complaint” of feeling a little too full sometimes, I’ll take it!!!

Thanks again for helping me steer my keto ship in what very much feels like the right direction!



It’s not a ridiculous complaint, I would be totally upset if I couldn’t avoid too fullness! I want to be perfectly satiated nearly all the time.
Hmm… I wonder why you have this problem… Do you eat too big meals (be it volume, calories, too satiating stuff), maybe?

But you already do better so yay again. It’s so nice when one changes something and it works! :smiley:

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So glad to hear this! This is why we share our challenges and successes!

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Hello again,

Just another shout out thank you for the great recommendations here and wanted to send at least one last update that I have been eating what feels like a glut of food and I have lost a half an inch on my waist and the scale (not as important but nice) is on a steady crawl down.

And, it might just be timing, but I feel like I have finally rounded the bend and am becoming fat adapted! Forgot to eat until my stomach grumbled at 2:00pm yesterday afternoon! Never thought it would happen but here we are!

Would never have guessed that eating more would have been my solution.

Thank you ever so much for your time and help ~

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@BeckyS I’m glad everyone’s suggestions were helpful! When I first read this thread (just now), I did think 53 grams of protein was too low, especially for an active person.

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Thanks for the reply Laurie. Still struggling some days with eating more but slowly improving on not having to think so much about it. Overall really feeling better. Now trying to figure out an IF rhythm to try out and tried one 44 hour fast. No big energy kick for me still and still not sleeping and I’ve been 4 months strong with no slipups.

Still hoping for some change in those departments.



Hi Legrele,

first of all, congratulation for being so youthful in appearance and mindset!

I perfectly understand your issue, which I find very reasonable and very… healthy. Even at 66, you should not limit yourself in the way you can become healthier and in looking, and feeling, younger. I am 57 and, like you, just some Kgs above my “ideal weight”, which does not mean I am healthy enough. In fact, the more I read about it, the more I discover how much there is to improve.

However, I think we need to be realistic about the fact that our body seems to decide, to an extent, our weight, and we need time to make it change its mind!

Personally, I am into fasting, and to me keto is mainly a way to get better at fasting as it is much easier to skip meals if you don’t eat all those pasta plates :wink: . Of course I’d love to shed those 3-4 excess kilos, but I think the benefits of intermittent fasting (from detox to autophagy) are more important.

You may want to look into intermittent fasting and, in time, One Meal A Day.

It might solve your fat pillows issue, too!