Does diarrhea come with a keto diet

(Bonnie) #1

I’ve been on keto for about 2 months. I just recently started getting diarrhea regularly. Is this a normal stage of keto or is something out of balance?

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #2

Are you consuming MCT oil in any format? Including it’s original source coconut oil? Adding a lot of fat/oil to your food?

(Robin) #3

Have you started taking a magnesium powder? It’s a common supplements for keto folks. Magnesium can definitively lead to diarrhea and can be adjust ed to find what’s ideal for you. As a previously constantly constipated person, I can handle some diarrhea and feeling cleaned out each day. But you can adjust to fit your needs. Hint, it also can help with sleeping/relaxing, so I take mine in the evening.

(Bonnie) #5

Actually, that’s when it started. I started putting it in my coffee which I have quit doing now. It’s getting better. Maybe just take a while.

(Old Baconian) #6

MCT oil is a known culprit. If you wish to take it, start with a very small quantity and gradually build up a tolerance.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #7

A couple of suggestions.

Concentrated MCT oil, for example Bulletproof ‘Brain Octane’ and similar products, contain mostly C8, which is the most readily/quickly absorbed MCT. Concentrated C8 may be the problem. It essentially goes straight to your intestines without much processing. You can still get the benefits of MCT by stepping back to something that’s a little less easily metabolized - for example Liquid Coconut Cooking Oil of any brand sold in any grocery store. This stuff contains C8 and other MCTs that don’t end up in your intestines quite so fast, and may not cause the ‘diarrhea effect’. It’s also much cheaper so you can use it more without breaking your bank account.

Coconut oil itself is a second possibility. It contains not only all the MCTs but also longer chain fatty acids that go through the entire lipolysis process. You still get the benefits of MCTs but not so much so fast. Plus, since the longer chain fatty acids metabolize much slower, you get a more gradual release of energy over time.

(Joey) #8

Strictly speaking, diarrhea doesn’t come with keto, it goes with keto :wink: … in the sense that constipation is the more common keto-related affliction. Anyhow, sounds like you’ve gotten to the bottom of it. Best wishes.

(Old Baconian) #9

And even constipation, I find, is not a problem if I’m getting enough salt.

(Robin) #10

Yep. Betcha that will help.