Does calisthenics fit with keto?

(Doing a Protein Sparing Modified Fast) #1

Today I have started calisthenics: australian push ups and pull ups, squats, lunges (4x10 each) and plank (30 seconds).

I have done it in the street, there are some bars near home (and with good views to the sea).

Muscles are trembling a bit … but in fact, I have not done much.

What happens to a keto diet when strength training is added?

(Chris) #2

Sometimes it takes a little longer to adapt to training in a ketogenic state, but eventually you likely won’t notice a difference. Keep doing what you’re doing.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #3

I do resistance training to failure and mix it up with volumetric resistance training. It makes me feel better about my body and a positive body image helps me stay on the keto track.

There is evidence that building lean muscle mass also reduces insulin resistance and acts as a sink for blood glucose.

I’m 65 and till 5+ years ago was not a regular gym attendee. When I went full keto I also got serious about building lean muscle mass.

Just my own n=1 experiment but it works for me.


That’s a common occurrence even if you were still eating carbs. Ease in to it the best you can, your body will adapt.


You get extra benefits :slight_smile:
Keep going, and enjoy your increasing strength!

(Katie) #6

Regardless of diet, I think that your muscles would be trembling and fatigued; this happens when starting a new type of training. As for the question of whether calisthenics fit with keto–I believe any exercise does.

Give it some time and your body will adapt. Have fun! :muscle:

(traci simpson) #7

For me, it just helped with the cuts (muscles) and definition and gaves/gives me more energy during the day. If your muscles are trembling, it’s more than likely because they haven’t been worked in a while. That’s a good thing IMO!! gives you insight on your body and what it needs more of and less of.

(Vladaar Malane) #8

100% it does!!

I recommend checking out

You can find tons of stuff on youtube for Calisthenics, but if you want a program that is done by a physical therapist and former gymnast you can’t go wrong with gmb.