Does being fat reduce gains?

(Karim Wassef) #1

Jerry is so colorful… love his vids

I think he makes good points - I personally see more gains now than I did overweight for the same effort but I also train more- so hard to isolate the cause…

Feedback? Ideas?


Not really the case. Have not watched the video, but most of the powerlifters are fat, but they are also the strongest people on the planet with great amount of muscle mass. However, being fat lowers your test and also increases estrogen to a certain degree, but also a hundred other things do that too.


It also depends what kind of supplements and medications you are using to counter that

(April Harkness) #4

I found being chubby but still exercising…actually gave me the cuts and muscularity I have now. All that insulin spiking I did was not a waste. Of course at the time I hated how I looked. But I wouldn’t be muscular now had I not been bulky. People see me now that I am lean and I look lean and muscular as opposed to skinny fat. People also think I just started training. nope. Training while chubby. Insulin is anabolic after all.

(Ken) #5

There’s an old Bodybuilding saying that is still every bit as applicable now as in the past: “Lose Fat, Look Bigger”.