Does anyone know how to cook this?

(Edith) #1


(Vladaar Malane) #2

Never done it, but I would think it’s gonna be a stew, or soup?

Instapot or croc pot?


I don’t know how familiar you are with Filipino foods but there is a soup called sinigang (spelling?) that those reminded me of. Not really the same but close enough to start your search.

(Stephanie ) #4

I have always added them to stews in a crockpot. I like to get some roast or steak and dice it, throw in some veggies, beef broth, seasonings, and add the marrow bones. Mmmm yummy!


I’ve only seen people put them in soups and broths for the flavor. I stuck them in a beef broth once, definitely seemed to add more flavor to it. I used that to help beef flavor some fried cauli rice I used to make a lot. Seeing that package is funny because when I bought it, it was also at Giant, I don’t usually shop there but my 6yo loves to go there so he can corner the aisle robot and make it go around him… lol.

(Edith) #6

That’s where I bought them.

(Edith) #7

Hum… maybe I can add them to the pot when I cook pot roast .

(Bob M) #8

I thought the carnivores just put them in the oven, took them out, and ate them?

(Edith) #9

I tried that the last and only time I made them. Most of the fat ended up rendering out. These ones are only about 1 - 1.5 inches thick. I was wondering if there might be another way for the thinner cut bones. It could be that I cooked them too long.

I also thought about frying them up in a pan. :thinking:

(Bob M) #10

The frying might work.

Let us know, as I have some frozen ones at home.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #11

We use them for making bone broth. Twenty-four hours in a slow cooker with plenty of liquid usually gets the marrow to start breaking down, so you get the minerals into the broth.

(traci simpson) #12

I heard that you can put them in the oven on a low temp until the marrow has softened. Then scoop it out, mix it with butter and use it as a spread!

(Edith) #13

Oooooo, I like that idea except for the butter part.