Does anyone know anybody who has been keto & died from Covid-19?

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A survey conducted amoung Watts Up With That participants (3000 have so far responded). Please read the article before commenting; it’s worth the read. I personally know of 2 people who tested positive. I don’t know them (not even who they are) but only heard about them because they work where I work and they were used as ‘evidence’ to impose even more draconian measures on the rest of us to ‘prevent the spread’. As far as I know, exactly zero people in my own family have contracted COVID. No one else that I happen to know personally either as friend or acquaintance has either. That’s my experience.

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We know @carl had Covid. Thankfully, he is still around, but I’m not sure how severe his case was.

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I don’t think COVID cares about your diet, just how unhealthy you are. Most of us on Keto have improved health. It is probably safe to surmise that most fatalities from COVID were on a high sugar and high carbohydrate diet. Not to imply causation, but most of the human population is on a high sugar/carb diet.

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In the UK underlying health and age are the major problems

339 People under 60 have died with no co-morbidities…
Yep read that again 339 people


Yeah, but I doubt even that number. I’ve seen so many photos of COVID victims who are clearly insulin-challenged whose family are quoted as saying “she was completely healthy.” (Not to blame the family or of course the patient… but I think by now metabolic disorder is so common that many of the folks in the “no” column are likely to have had co-morbidities even if they don’t show up in the paperwork.)

There was a heart-breaking story in the news in the summer of a woman who was devastated by her husband’s death. He was in his mid 70s, had diabetes, high blood pressure and heart issues when he died from COVID. She was furious with policy-makers, saying “he did everything right, but he still died.” I had to read it few times before I understood that she meant that since he washed his hands and wore a mask he shouldn’t have died. And it makes sense that she would think that- how often have we heard policy makers say that people can reduce their chances of dying from COVID if they address their metabolic issues. I’ve been paying attention, and I’ve heard that exactly zero times.

[I think this is tricky because victim blaming truly sucks- but that’s some life-saving information that is being withheld…]

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I don’t. The only one I know that had died was my dil’s mom and she was overweight and not keto.
I do know several people from work that have gotten positive test results. All of them have done fine. Most not even feeling badly. It’s reassuring that 99.0? % Will survive. Lock downs and masks and social distancing and cleaning haven’t seemed to stopped the virus. I’m personally much more afraid of the over reach of governments and censoring of opinions than I am of this so called pandemic. It’s my opinion and my experience.


I have never been afraid of these things before, but I am now. There’s a recent talk on COVID by a researcher who used to work for Pfizer that was banned on YT (one of many!). Oxford professor and epidemiologist Sunetra Gupta had an interview cancelled at the last minute because the news station decided that her views - to shelter those at risk but otherwise open up - were “not in the best interest of the community.”
I realize that we don’t all agree on which facts are the most important ones, and we might not agree on priorities or policies - but the media deciding which facts the public should hear, as if there’s only one possible viewpoint… that’s really disturbing.

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Virtually nobody in a western country has no comorbidities though.

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Not true


which begs the question: why are we talking about COVID rather than co-morbidities?

If we actually want to reduce the death rate, shouldn’t all the headlines, all the tallies, all the advice, all the policies be focused on reducing co-morbidities?

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Probably the same reasons that the mainstream medical / nutritional / public health apparatus doesn’t correctly explain the root causes of all those comorbidities.

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Obviously, I am exaggerating, but only somewhat! With obesity rates at 30%+ in adult populations, that is a HUGE portion with impaired fasting insulin as a comorbidity. QED


Sadly, yes. It’s far easier - requires less work, lower scientific understanding, reduced ability to handle complexity - to talk about masks rather than about immune response and metabolic derangement. I understand this, but it doesn’t make it acceptable. One thing that drives me nuts is the moral and scientific high ground that the mask advocates tend to assume.

[I’m fine with masks and wear them whenever I leave my house; my issue is with them taking center stage as if they are the main determinant not only of our success vis a vis the virus but also of the moral compass of the masked/unmasked person in question]

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While this is not the reason most advocate for masks as the primary defense vs metabolic health, it is much easier to get societal members to put on a mask vs change their diets.

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Unfortunately very true… and the mask wearers just have to be so superior with it…
If only they realised how little they do…

I love this… apologies for the mildly bad language…

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The low carb nutrition world is certainly a lot more informed about such things that most of the medical community.

I feel like we’ve been shouting about these things for years, in the area of diabetes and heart disease, and covid is just another item on the list.

Just as “T2 diabetes is a progressive disease that can’t be reversed, only managed through medication”, covid can only be avoided. And you can’t affect your survival changes through any personal choices :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


No to the first. No one has been in jeopardy around me.

Second is ‘extra med issues’ is that big complication to this covid. You have ‘whatever med issues’ your standing to combat it whether keto/lc/carnivore or whatever won’t help as much cause if you have those med issues that put you at big risk, yea you are still at big risk, with a tad more of that risk down??

So in the end I can’t and won’t go there on who will be ok on keto/lc/zc or whatever cause to me it is SO much more…age/chronic long term whatever illness first/how long on healthy plan to change your body/and more ya know…so for me it is one thing I know, with other med issues you are at bigger risk, can eating healthy help any of that, of course it can but to what level on a personal basis. No clue on that truly.


yes, it seems like studies don’t support their efficacy, especially outdoors. I happily wear mine since that seems makes folks around me feel safer… I just hate that mask-wearing has become such an issue and diverts the conversation from what society as a whole needs right now!

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I would LOVE to see hospitalized people with Covid tested for being in ketosis or not.

I think that right now, more than half of adult Americans are pre-diabetic or diabetic (whether technically ‘obese’ or not), i.e. glucose tolerance impaired and logically pretty much uniformly with impaired fasting insulin. In less than 3 decades, the CDC predicts 1 in 3 Americans will be fully Type 2 diabetic, and with the large/larger number of pre-diabetics at that point, would constitute a substantial majority.