Doctors of Instagram

(Kevin) #1

So like most people I follow most social medias (Although I question that decision daily) and there seems to be a lot of folks who want to act like they know everything. I call them social media doc’s and some of the advice they give as though its the gospel truth and there can be no other way. I came across this picture and although I think most of its good info there were a couple items that seemed odd to me, how would sugar laden orange juice, and potatoes have anything to do with Fat Loss?!

(VLC.MD) #2

Instagram isn’t a place to get health info.

(Kevin) #3

I agree with that and trust me I don’t take any of it serious however I’m sure there are many who do. If you ever read through the comments of some of the post you’ll see people saying “Gee thanks for posting I didn’t know this” or “Wow, great post I’m going to try that” ect…


That’s a really interesting (weird!) mix of foods. I do know some folks who are into potatoes and just about everything else on that photo (there’s a whole resistant starch thing you can do with potatoes, and tubers have can have a legit place in ancestral/Paleo eating depending on personal needs) but the coconut water seems a bit odd, and - orange juice?! I don’t know anyone who recommends orange juice except maybe fruititarians and vegans (which would knock out much of the rest of the list). Also funny that it’s specifically “pulp-free” orange juice.

(Kevin) #5

Yes i thought that too. I’m no nutritionist but doesn’t the Pulp contain Fiber which would be beneficial?


^^^^ This times 100. Just don’t go there.

(Sophie) #7

I dismiss most of that as ego stroking, but then again, I’ve been around the block a few times. :roll_eyes: