“Do you realize you’re commenting on a year old thread?”


It’d be awesome if Discourse supported a warning like this. Twice today I invested several minutes in threads where the most recent poster was responding to a year-plus old thread. Yes, I should have paid more attention but people really should be careful (refrain?) from posting responses, especially on year old threads where the original post related to a time sensitive issue or meal choice. Yes, I know there are bigger problems in life and some issues and questions are evergreen. Just an observation/site feature request. :blush:

(ash) #2

A lot of threads still have good information, and responding may give insight to others. I’ve found threads on here from 2016 that are still being talked about and if anything just the information from them has been helpful to me! Now there are some threads that have no responses or information in them persay that could be cleaned up and removed but isn’t really that much of an issue.

(Doug) #3

I will wait at least a year after this to necro this thread. :smile:

(CharleyD) #4

I have a cache of Necropost memes, which I will attempt to not use here.

The forum is still pretty new, and I agree with @monsterjuice can help newcomers. Who can’t seem to find the search bar. Actually, in the dark theme, that magnifying glass is pretty darn dark!

(Laurie) #5

Okay, we’re not supposed to necro threads, but we’re supposed to search old threads for info/topics we want to know about. What, the last post on a thread from 2 years ago is really the last word on a subject? Or am I missing something?

This is not about Keto Forums specifically; I just don’t understand the Internet-wide objection to necroing.

(The Whatabe Biker) #6

Let the necroing commence! :slight_smile:

Sorry @OldDoug, I couldn’t wait as long as you. :wink:

If a thread hasn’t been commented on, in quite awhile (I don’t know the exact time) it will post a warning to the right of you message in the edit field.

Like this:

Apparently 3 1/2 months is not enough, because I didn’t get this warning when I started typing this. Had to go find an older thread.

It’s just up to the user to pay attention to the warning message or not.

I would say, Laurie, if you’ve searched the forum for a particular answer, but didn’t find it, then you could start a new thread with your question.

Problem is, a lot of people start a thread without even searching for the answer, first.

As far as necroing a thread, the only issue I see with this is if someone stopped tracking that thread, or even muted it, then they wouldn’t see the update to it.

Best to start anew and see if there are any fresh ideas out there. You might even mention, “I’ve searched…I found this…but still doesn’t answer my question.”

Just some thoughts.

(Doug) #7

There are conflicts here. Questions posed even in years past may be answered by the appearance of new information/research, and value may be had in the context of pre-existing threads. Then there is the possibility that some people may not see the new stuff since they’ve selected against it.

(Chris - @carnivoremuscle) #8

I don’t think anyone reads the warnings to the right. Not prominent enough. I know someone is going to come by and refute my saying “I read it though!”. Great! Now, get the other thousands of people to do that.

(Mark Rhodes) #9

In that case Doug I usually link to the old post and then highlight new insights. This allows people new to the argument the background information some of us others have.

(Doug) #10

Good approach, Mark - :cocktail: - gentleman and scholar. :slightly_smiling_face:

(The Whatabe Biker) #11

Excellent points!

I guess that’s what I meant by this statement, just not worded very well. :slight_smile: