“Do you realize you’re commenting on a year old thread?”

(Susan) #21

If someone were to do a search though and that topic comes up as relevant to what they are looking for and they post on it; even it is old, it might contain good, viable information that will help currently and avoids re-creating multiple posts on the same subject so not really a big deal, is it?


Exactly what I was saying above, Susan… It isn’t a problem at all. But it seems sometimes when an older thread pops back up, there’s sometimes mentions of why an older post is being reanimated. And really, this is what should happen when someone actually uses the search function, as we recommend. And that data is already present, so a redundant thread isn’t created. :slight_smile: … It if were a thread that didn’t have any real beneficial data to Keto, I can see some having issues as to why it was being reanimated.

(Ellen ) #23

I am guilty of this. I realized afterwards that the post was at least a year ago. I agree that this must be annoying. It wasn’t like it was an important post or question that I asked. I won’t do that again!


No worries, Ellen. And you can post to any threads, no matter how long it’s been since someone last posted in it. If anything, it could provide information to others who might be searching for the same of similar information. It may even re-open the conversation, where more information might be obtained? So yeah, the person you might be responding to in the post, may not be presently active, but there are plenty of good folks here that would readily step in and provide what information they have on it. :+1:

(Ellen ) #25

Thanks Dave, that was a nice thing to say. This is a great forum with kind people.

(Old Baconian) #26

Different forums have different expectations in this regard. I used to be active in a forum where it was considered really obnoxious to revive an old thread, for various valid reasons. But here, most of those reasons don’t apply, and we find it helpful to keep all the necessary information in one place, so feel free to reply to any thread at any time.