Do you have to eat grass feed meat

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I want to start a carnivore diet and I have a question can I do this diet by eating cheap meat. I don’t have the budget to always buy grass feed beef. I heard the cheaper meats aren’t good as they have been feed low quality food and they cause inflammation when eaten. Has any of you exclusive ate cheap meat on carnivore diet for long time and have you had any adverse health effects

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Work within your means and use what is available to you.

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I started off cheap and lazy. Go for it!


Kelly Hogan ate McDonalds burger patties for a large stretch of time.

Ken Berry talks a lot about eating what you can afford. He seems to prioritise doing carnivore first and foremost, and then if you can improve the quality of meat at any point, do so - but he feels that the worst carnivore diet will be better than the best standard diet.

He often talks about: butter, bacon, eggs, tinned sardines, hot dogs, spam - and perhaps you could get some ground/minced beef in there too.


you definitely do not require GF to do zero carb.
Most of the long term veterans sure don’t eat that way :slight_smile:
The saying is, eat all you love and can afford and don’t look back!

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I am carnivore and I eat lots of cheap cuts of meat:

  1. lots of mince (highest fat possible!)
  2. Cheap chicken (often drumsticks and wings are dirt cheap)
  3. I generally get the cheapest steak available at around A$20/kg… the panda massaged is over A$60/kg
  4. Always looking for deals on pork and lamb, and buy the roast cuts that are on special
  5. I eat lots of eggs… good deals are sometimes available on eggs, so buy in bulk, they last a long time
  6. Cheap ham
  7. Deal of the century… chicken livers… demand for these is obviously really low, they are soooo cheap. And very good for you. Great base for pate.

I occasionally splurge on an expensive steak, but it usually disappoints and is not worth it.

Feeling all the fantastic benefits of carnivore despite the lack of panda massaged steak. :joy: Yay!

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TIL: I didn’t know those bears had the arm strength to massage a beef cow!

Seriously, though, to add to your list: a pork picnic (shoulder joint) is cheap (at least, here in the U.S.), tasty, and dead easy to roast.

@Bilguunbaatar You probably see the trend by now in the advice you’re getting. Eat what you can afford, and once you’re healthier and not spending so much on doctors, try and eat better.

Personally, I find I don’t like the taste of grass-fed beef nearly so much. My inner Scotsman is delighted by that, since in my area grass-fed costs twice as much.

If there is an Aldi or Lidl supermarket in your area, you can often find very good deals there.


being a farmer I ate my own Angus many a time and my own hogs and chickens and I tell ya, my beef was good but I also 'bought store grass fed, blah blah and taste was ickier than my own off my own fields so…it is a taste thing for many of us but from a nutritional standpoint your grass fed, no hormone, controlled ‘a tad better’ off fields meat gives on just a little more omega 3 to 6 ratio that means alot to some but nothing to others so…it boils down to taste for most of us but our wallets scream loud and clear on it all to and that comes into play for darn near all of us LOL

before grass fed and expensive cuts come into play…key is get off the crap foods that hurt ya and if zc is your way forward, just eat the meat/seafood fish and fowl you love and again, don’t give it a second thought.

before ya worry about grass fed and all that, see if you can even make 6 months on this plan and when people do come into this plan, there is a ton of issues that come into play to hold it vs. what meat do I buy? LOL


Though I only do on/off carnivore-ish…
I can’t afford ANY beef most of the time as beef is super expensive, luxury item and I am poor.

I live on pork and eggs and turkey, mostly. (Good thing I consider them the best tasting things :slight_smile: But a nice beef stew is lovely too, that’s why I have that occasionally and carefully regarding the amount.)

I am low-carb since maybe 11 years and my body is very good at telling me what it prefers and what doesn’t.
I think I am healthier and less sensitive than most carnivore but still, I do feel when I eat wrong. I usually get a nudge and if I keep doing something very bad for long, I even may have a bellyache or something similar.

My body is most vocal about plant carbs, the less the better (though a tiiiny bit is never a problem. but normal keto level isn’t as good). I like my fat/protein ratio at its normal place and I typically need high-protein.
But simple cheaper meat? That works wonderfully.
Sometimes I eat beef from a supermarket, sometimes I get it from a farm (same price unless it’s a huge, -50% sale due to being a bit old so I prefer the latter but it’s simpler to buy it in a supermarket)… I didn’t notice a difference but that’s once a month anyway, not significant I suppose.

I think, for most of us avoiding plant carbs is already plenty. Some people need to be careful with dairy too. Or the amount of fat. Clearly both under- and overeating is bad as well.
If you can only afford cheaper meat, it’s better to eat it than giving it up and eating plants despite the wishes of your body, clearly. Or buying too expensive meat and feeling huge burden because you can’t afford other important things. I wouldn’t sacrifice necessities (including tiny luxuries I just feel I do need) for an allegedly and maybe a bit truly better meat, the difference is probably not huge enough to make it worth. But maybe it’s more important for some people and less important for others…?


I do that too :smiley: Doesn’t help sooo much with food costs (but a little is to be appreciated too) as it’s not something we should/can eat in big amounts (it’s too boring for most of us… alone, at least, making pâté definitely helps) but it adds nice variety and I need that.
Pork liver and actually, all liver but fatty duck and goose liver is pretty cheap. I dislike pork liver but many people do and I enjoy beef liver.
And there are other organs. Tongue is proper meat just even better if you ask me. Pork or beef? Both tastes very good. The tip is firmer, the other end is more soft… Mmm.

$20/kg, ouch. No wonder I have no idea about steaks. $6/kg is the highest I go with meat except very special circumstances and that’s my once-a-month (or once in 2 months) beef (the cheapest cuts but still awesome for stew. but with -50% sale it gets pretty good priced :D).
It’s Hungary though, now the prices go down in dollar as meat inflation is still slower than how our currency gets weaker compared to everything else. I am amazed that eating meat is a huge win if it’s about food costs (especially for me who can’t get satiated with most plants). It didn’t get way more expensive and the prices changed very little in the previous years, at least the stuff I normally buy. Chicken got it worse but I dislike common, tasteless chicken (normal pork and beef and turkey is tasty, chicken isn’t, at least here to me) and it’s still cheap, well the right cuts in the right supermarket, at least. Especially on sale.

Oh yes, sales. Use them, of course. My freezer is small but it still helps soooooooooo much (but my next fridge will have a bigger one). My SO is a dear, said nothing when I stopped storing vegetables in it… He eats less of them anyway, they are usually quite expensive, meat is a better choice but he can’t live on meat and eggs and dairy, far from it while I almost can.

Carnivore is the cheapest woe I ever had though it’s surely not true for everyone. A significant amount of plant matter just make me eat much more and I feel worse too (overeating isn’t nice, no matter the woe). Bad idea.

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Where I live, beef roasts are on sale on the time. Top round, eye of round, etc. Like these:

The leaner ones tend to be cheaper (chuck is more expensive) Steaks are often 2-4 times as much.

I’ve learned to eat a lot of these and cook them low and slow, either in a 200F (93C) oven or in a sous vide.

Grass fed (100%, since all cows are grass fed for a large portion of their lives) is even more expensive, so I rarely buy that.

I do like better pork, though. I’ve bought pork from Fire in a Bottle, and it’s fantastic – the fat is actually firm, instead of being “mushy”. But it’s so expensive that I only treat myself sometimes.

In the US, chicken prices have gone up, especially since bird flu has caused a lot of birds to be culled.

I still look at all the sales, and when something I like is on sale, I buy it and put it in the freezer.

And offal, like liver, is tasty and cheaper.