Do you have a cauliflower recipe for this?



If I did, I’d single handedly become the source of the next national cauliflower shortage.


Oh my, do such monstrosities exist? :open_mouth: (Why would anyone want something like this?)

I never managed to do ANYTHING from cauliflower but a very caulifloiwer tasting dishes, by the way :smiley: Maybe some people have the kind of power to persuade their brains about anything? It’s just like the other odd emulation recipes just with a stronger power…?


I’m sure a food stylist could make something with cauliflower that LOOKS like it. :slight_smile:


What IS that?!

(Central Florida Bob ) #6


My wife and I have noticed that and we’ve both tried to find ways of making it taste less like cauliflower. Heavy whipping cream and cheese helps a bit, but it’s still cauliflower.


Cauliflower tastes cauliflower, it was always quite obvious to me - and I loved cauliflower taste so it wasn’t a problem - but some people swore their dish doesn’t taste cauliflower. It always strongly tasted cauliflower if it had cauliflower as the main ingredient, of course.
It was one reason from many that made me think people’s tastebuds are very different (some blogger may simply lie but there were too many and not only bloggers). Or the brain part. Doublethink, doubletaste, self-induced illusions, something like that :smiley:

@OgreZed is right, looking like this should be doable, with some food coloring and huge skills :smiley: It may have little point but it never stopped some vegans making roasts from watermelons… So some people surely would appreciate that.
Looking like one thing and tasting like something else is a thing anyway, it can be fun under some circumstances… Not my thing, though.

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I’m the same with all those keto “breads” that supposedly “taste just like bread.” They all taste like egg to me. And cauliflower mash doesn’t taste like mashed potatoes, either; it tastes like mashed cauliflower. Which is fine. It’s supposed to.

Does any one remember the old “Far Side” cartoon, in which some cattle are eating steaks, and one of them says, “What do you know! We taste just like chicken.”


T2d delivered to you in a sugar cone.

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Looks like the type of thing I eat on a Carb Day. Last one I ate a whole loaf of Banana Nut Bread. Slathered in butter, of course.

Now down more than 20 pounds this Spring, after doing fat based nutrition for almost two decades. If I don’t have a Carb Day each Week my fat loss stops.


It’s a Diabetes Sundae.

The thing on the right with a waffle cone looking thing is actually an ice cream taco. I got introduced to those in the mid 90’s by one of the attorneys I worked for. (He won a big case, and bought the whole office ice cream tacos to celebrate). Waffle cone shell filled with vanilla ice cream, a few chopped nuts, covered in chocolate coating. The rest of it looks like Golden Grahams slapped on caramel covered ice cream.


Those would be two cups of vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream, a choco taco, cinnamon toast crunch cereal and 2 churros :grinning:


Thank you.I didnt know what those things on the sides were- cereal!!! YUCK!!!


Forgot the churros sticking out the top!