Do you get sleepy after eating?

(traci simpson) #1

So, I’ve noticed that last night and today after I ate, I got really sleepy! I can barely hold me eyes open. Has this happened to anybody??? is this normal?

(Karim Wassef) #2

Are you sure you’re not eating carbs?

This happens to me when I get an insulin spike due to extra carbs or protein. Basically, the insulin quickly drops glucose and that makes me very sleepy while the body stores up the energy into fat.

This isn’t the only mechanism, of course… tryptophan (protein in turkey meat) has the same effect on me.

Another is that metabolism consumes a lot of oxygen and that can make you sleepy… less O2 to the brain… more to the belly.

Metabolism of glucose is especially oxidative so it creates potentially damaging free radicals and the body needs to respond by creating reductive chemicals to contain the damage.

Those are my ideas. Someone more knowledgeable may be able to help more…

(Jennifer) #3

I generally eat one meal a day. I eat mostly keto. When I open my eating window, I usually do it at night, because I do get sleepy.

(Karim Wassef) #4

(traci simpson) #5

I eat carbs but not in excess. I try to stick with the 20 grams. I’m also on a new medication so maybe that could be the cause.


This has been happening to me since I started 20/4 IF. And I have no idea why. I usually eat two meals within that 4 hr window, but shortly after I’m done, I start getting tired the rest of the afternoon. The window that I like best is 8am to noon . This week I’m just doing 8 hr windows (8am-4pm) and I’m not as tired in the afternoons.

(traci simpson) #7

I had collards and quiche (small piece minus the crust) and a serving of bacon cheeseburger casserole from the 2Keto Dudette _ Carrie Brown.


Most people I know who eat fish in Norway seem to agree that it’s normal to get really sleepy after having fish for dinner,and just a little sleepy after meat. On a carby diet, I’d eat sweets instead of food when I needed to keep awake and somewhat energised for a long time. Less chance of getting tired on an 8 hour drive… Now I’d just fast it out.

Protein does require more energy to digest, so this might possibly be a factor. The richer my food is in protein, the more sleepy I get, and fish is by far the most prelotein rich foid that I eat. Just because I can eat way more fish than meat in a meal. (This is speculation, to be taken with handfulls of salt.)

(Karim Wassef) #9

Protein shouldn’t really be getting metabolized for energy. You need fat for energy and protein for building blocks.

If your ratio of protein to fat is off, then you could be triggering gluconeogenesis and that could sap energy. It’s an inefficient process.


I think it really is just breaking down the protein that saps energy. I’d get tired even with carbs for quicker energy. There’s something about protein that just makes me want to rest.

(Karim Wassef) #11

Then you may need to change your ratio… more fat for energy.

Protein should be ~ 0.7g / lb of lean mass… more could be converted to glucose unless you’re exercising to build muscle.

(traci simpson) #12

…or you could be insulin resistant!

(Katie) #13

Same for me.

(traci simpson) #14

Hmm let’s see. Today I had a burger patty and 4 scrambled eggs with cheese cooked in the same burger juices.

Work is also slow so it could be boredom!!! LOL

(Not a cow) #15

Like Karim_Wassef said, I use to always want to pass out on the couch after some heavy carb eating. When I went to this WOE, I was good, but once in a while I would feel that feeling that says, take a nap, and then I would backtrack to see what I could have eaten that would set me off.
The last time this happened it was a drink that I put a few drops of “Mio” flavored electrolyte into, which says it only has “Natural Flavour” . Something in it didn’t agree with my blood sugar, so I stay away now.

(traci simpson) #16

I didn’t have any carbs. Just a burger, eggs and cheese and container of dill pickles.

(Karim Wassef) #17

Very high protein could have that effect too. That’s my flag that my metabolism is ramping down and I try to do something active like walking to switch it back…

Also, hormones … as we age, we become more susceptible to fatigue - so whether you eat or not, you might get sleepy in the afternoon, for example. The eating is correlated, not causative.