Do you find that eating Keto friendly processed snacks make you gain weight?


Hi folks,

I’ve been experimenting with some ‘keto friendly’ snacks and was wondering if others on this forum have a similar experience.

I noticed that when eating keto cupcakes from a local keto bakery (5 net carbs) where they use almond flour and sweeten with monk fruit, that I tend to jump 4-5 lbs. This goes away after 2-3 days but does come as a shock when it first comes on.

I notice it too when I try other packaged snacks such as Love Good Fats or
ChocoXO Keto Snaps.

The ingredients seem good but I notice that my weight jumps up temporarily. I would have thought since it’s not real sugar that I shouldn’t be retaining water… assuming that’s where the weight is coming from.

Has anyone else experienced this?

(Tim Cee) #2

I haven’t noticed it and I don’t do keto sweets almost ever. However, it is known that taste alone can signal a bump in insulin which could cause you to retain salt. Some people are more sensitive in this way to one fake sugar differently than the other. I say replace birthday cake with birthday steak and you’ll be sorted.

(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #3

Possibly something to do with water retention…

You don’t eat 4-5 lbs of these snacks do you?

(Allie) #4


Why do you think it’s not real sugar?


I don’t remember even writing this post. Then I took a look at the date and it was almost 2 years ago :slight_smile:

Back then I thought if something was labelled ‘keto’ then it must be. Marketers wouldn’t lie to us would they? Spoiler: Yeah, they do! :slight_smile:

I also didn’t know the various names that food companies hide sugar as. In this example it was organic cane sugar. Sounded “healthy” at the time.

(Robin) #6

This is hilarious. Like a visit from yourself in the past. Look how much wiser you are today!


Oh yes I had a period when I only ate brown cane sugar and honey as sugar (and whatever in processed stuff was, of course)… No regrets, I liked the taste (I don’t remember the cane sugar but good honey is super tasty) :wink: But I think very very differently from that now (and my body acts differently too).

(Joey) #8

I always marvel at how little I knew just a short time ago. Humbling.

(FWIW, cow manure is 100% organic. So is a coronavirus, for that matter.)


Organic and natural means nothing health wise, of course. I never understood why people think so and even the so called pros can use that as an argument… Crazy.
We have very natural and organic deathcaps in the nearby forest sometimes (they are beautiful :slight_smile: I have a few favs among the deadly mushrooms in my country).


Amen. Lots learned here in the past couple of years. Anthrax and asbestos are also natural :slight_smile:

Here’s another recent lesson. My wife picked up this turkey thinking there were no carbs, when I noticed that potato starch and cane sugar were on the list of ingredients. The nutritional information is representing it as 0g of carb and sugar:

If it wasn’t for these forums I wouldn’t have known that food manufacturers can round down their grams.


Reading the ingredients list sounds a good idea anyway (not buying stuff with an ingredient list sounds even better but I have such items myself). We don’t have this rounding problem here but just knowing the carb content isn’t informative enough.
(Sometimes I simply can’t tell the net carb content as it’s not on the label, I don’t like that but as I almost never eat such stuff, it doesn’t matter much.)