Do you eat odd combinations of food?

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I have certain nutritional needs I need to take care of and don’t like supplements. I would like to do a simple meal with mostly just one protein and vary it every evening but I can’t. Today I have salmon both sockeye and chinook, bison liver and a couple pork ribs on the side. Do you have any odd combinations that you do?

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #2

Surf and turf brilliant … I tend to have all meat/fish/fat meals or all veg/cheese/egg.

(Joey) #3

… hey, wait a minute … who put the bison and pork on our favorite pescatarian’s plate?


I hardly can have odd combinations on carnivore… Everything suits everything… Or not but I can’t think of a single such case :slight_smile:

I used to have unusual food combos but that was on high-carb.

I can relate. I actually could eat simple a few times in the last years but usually I simply eat everything I have. Eggs in different forms, all the ready to eat meats I have and most of the dairy I have. At least if it’s for the whole day, I probably did meals with only, like, 6-8 items…? Sometimes even less.

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Do you eat odd combinations of food?


I eat mostly meat, with very little in the way of green vegetables, and abstaining from sugar, grains, and starches. That is a very odd combination indeed.

(Robin) #6

Short answer YES but as in most things, it’s individual. No reason to ask others, create your own. That works best.


I eat odd combinations all the time. Whatever appeals to me at the time.

(Geoffrey) #8

I don’t find that odd at all. :grin:

The only odd combination I can think of other that a sandwich I used to make but will never be eaten again is adding the cracklings that are left over from making beef tallow to my scrambled eggs.
They are delicious little chunks of cooked fat that love with my eggs.


A tad unusual but actually sounds very normal and fitting, it’s just crunchier than pork belly in the scrambled eggs :slight_smile:

(I still can’t imagine a single odd combination on carnivore… Maybe if I mixed hard cheese with cream cheese? But even that isn’t so very odd…)

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #10

I have a combo I eat regularly, Chopped up omlete (mushroom and cheese) in bone broth. Might sound odd to a European but not for an Asian perhaps.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #11

Egg drop soup! Yummy!


I heard about chopped up pancakes in soup in Austria…
Egg in broth is the most obvious thing to me. Egg in anything, actually though it didn’t work in seitan… Seitan is weird. Yolks tend to make everything better… I just poach eggs in my soups as I love runny yolks.


Maybe sponge cake with smoked pork fat tissue (pork belly with almost zero visible meat) is odd to someone? But it’s 100% egg sponge cake, my carnivore bread! So it’s very normal in my eyes. Except I like it with more meat but it couldn’t be helped now. Eating smoked raw pork fat tissue with bread is super traditional here. I do the same just with my bread. It is super good at being a bread. Different but fulfills the role while it’s tastier.

My sponge cake is lovely with sour cream too. (I used to eat bread with sour cream and apple slices, it’s surprisingly good…) And butter is quite obvious. Sometimes I use butter and dry sausage. All 3 ingredients are quite fatty but they still work well because whipped fried eggs feel so very different from other egg dishes. My SO never would put butter under fatty sausage (around 45% in weight, dry sausages are the fattiest) but I feel it just right :slight_smile:


Ok, so how do you make your sponge cake?


It’s sponge cake so it’s made like sponge cake, omitting everything not egg… Quite straightforward :slight_smile: Whipped egg whites mixed with whipped yolks and baked :slight_smile: I use a muffin mold so I get cute buns :slight_smile:

(Geoffrey) #16

Post your recipe please, I’m very interested in this.

(Geoffrey) #17

I don’t know if this would be a strange combination but my favorite way to eat my liver pate is to mix it in my scrambled eggs.


But it’s not much of a recipe. Whip egg whites and yolks, mix and bake.

If it’s still not enough, I can write a lot more, no problem.

I use ~25 minutes at 180-200C in a not preheated mini grill… It’s a perfect oven for me, never needed a “proper” one, I bake and roast everything in it. I just wait until it gets a good color.
I don’t think it would be so nice when done in something else than a muffin mold… That was a good idea.

Don’t let me talk about the versions as it would get long. But one can put zillion things into it. Sometimes I get quiche that way. Quiche may not need whipped eggs but sometimes I make 8 sponge cake muffins and 4 quiche muffins… Oh, variety. I don’t even stick to cream in quiche, sour cream works too. Eggs and sour cream is a good match, that’s how my thin crepes-like Hungarian pancakes are made.
But I mostly just put some grated cheese into some, that’s nice too. And make them firmer. Poor eggs alone make some deflated things but I still like them that way too.

They are crispy when fresh, soft later (at least in my more humid than dry house).

And of course one can use more whites or yolks when there are leftovers or when the goal is different. I like to use more whites when it’s accompanying some very fatty, rich stew. Sometimes I almost run out of eggs but have frozen whites, I still can make 12 buns with only 2-3 yolks (even if they aren’t that tasty but I eat something tasty and fatty with them)… I had a time when I preferred a more yolky version for desserts.

I only found this photo, they aren’t the prettiest here though they tend to deflate anyway… They are beautiful in the oven :smiley:


IDK either but it’s new to me! I only mixed ground liver with eggs and fried it.

Maybe I will try your combo when I won’t be happy with my pâté. As I eat up the good kind alone - or preferably with my sponge cake buns… (I virtually always have my sponge cakes, since years. They are pretty essential for my carnivore.) The ingredients are the same there but mixing or putting on top are two different things! As the egg texture and moisture level are different too.

(Doug) #20

A few years back - pork belly wrapped with beef bacon, stuffed with back bacon or ‘Canadian bacon.’