Do you eat odd combinations of food?

(KM) #21

Well now, that gives bacon sandwich a whole new meaning, doesn’t it.:grin:

(M) #22

I don’t think liver and eggs is too odd. Something about the two go together quite well I think. It’s kind of like making a liver cake.

some guy - I need to gain weight to have surgery to correct the damage from my laporatomy. I need fats badly, and animal fats are the only ones that don’t bother me too much, also have rising mercury. Although I really enjoyed pork ribs in the past, just the few ribs I ate last night didn’t go over well. They are pasture raised and cooked thoroughly. Maybe pork is hard to get readjusted to after so long. This is my second time trying them in years, and both times had difficulty sleeping afterwards. Could just be coincidental. Or maybe I don’t tolerate pork anymore. The bison short rib didn’t do that.


I used too, for a while I was following the vertical diet and that one really tries to get everything from food, but then common sense hit me and I realized that’s almost impossible since everything it grown in dead soil and/or in fortified growing mediums since less and less (especially when Organic) is grown in real soil anymore. I still try to get most of my protein from real meat but when it comes to really get in the micros, I get what I get and broad spectrum supplement the rest.


Not sure how “odd” this is, but I like leftover steaks or hamburgers dipped in egg yolks or butter. I cut the meat into bite-sized chunks, saute in butter and salt. Then fry a 2-3 eggs in butter, sunny-side up, plate, and have a dip-fest.

(Edith) #25

Pork rinds with bacon fat spread on them like butter. Yikes, I’m starting to drool just thinking about it. :yum::drooling_face:

(Robin) #26

Novel idea!


I don’t think I am able to have truly odd combination at this point. Without going off, I mean.
Carnivore items are good together :slight_smile: Surely there must be some odd combo but I can’t get just any parts of any animal, whatever I can combine is nice. Pork with chicken, egg with egg (it may be odd for some, actually. there is a traditional simple dish in my country, dumplings with eggs. the dumplings has eggs and flour. well I skip the flour… nice with lots of pepper), I am a savage so I could fry fish in lard… :smiley: But that’s it. So all normal food. (As normal as eating pork with a side of chicken or sausage is normal, it may not be for the average person now that I think about it… But it is to me.)