Do y'all buy ACV with "the mother" or just any ACV?

(icky) #1

I recently started buying ACV and when I researched it, I found you can get some ACV with “the mother” (the live bacteria) and most ACV’s without.

This is the one I ended up buying, cos I could get it easily online/ shipping.

(Karen) #2

Mine’s sans mom.

mine’s,braggs, but not seeing mom.


(Marta Loftfield) #3

ACV with mother, I like the Bragg brand


Thanks for posting this, I was not aware of “with the mother” ACV.

(Omar) #5

I like mothers with alcohol smell :joy:


With the `mother’.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #7

Who knew… I’ve been buying orphaned ACV this whole time.

(Ron) #8

Another Bragg’s vote here.:+1:

(Sharon) #9

Bragg’s seems extra-expensive to me, but I do go for “the mother,” as down, dirty, and gnarly as possible.

(Todd Gamel) #10

Great Value brand (Walmart) now has ACV with the mother, at least our local Walmart in Texas does…So I buy the Great Value brand.

(Doug) #11

Walmart brand user here too. I’m prejudiced against Bragg, in general. Too much hype and some falsehoods, going way back.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #12


(Steve) #13

Yep, Bragg’s is “With the Mother” - at least up here. :slight_smile: (just went and checked the label)

If there’s a healthier ACV, I’m all ears!! :slight_smile:


My wife kind of rolled her eyes when I told her that I wanted Bragg’s, but she got me some anyway. Then she found a sale on the stuff and now we have enough bottles for possibly two years!


Paul Bragg and Patricia Bragg (who was, at one time, Paul’s daughter-in-law) wrote a book titled “Apple Cider Vinegar: Miracle Health System”. The book claims that ACV can cure an extensive number of maladies. While I’m a fan of ACV, I’m skeptical that it can cure everything claimed in the book.

One such claim is “Apple Cider Vinegar Cures Burns”. According to a testimonial in the book, “Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, if splashed on a burn of any kind, stops the intense, continual pain instantly and permanently! It also prevents scarring & infection. We not only keep a bottle in our kitchen, we also keep bottles in our cars to use when people get burned from hot engines, radiators, etc. When traveling, we have helped burn victims from accidents in restaurant kitchens, cars, etc. We suggest everyone keep a bottle of your vinegar nearby! Everyone who has tried it, has praised it. Bragg’s Vinegar is the best burn healer in the world, no matter how bad the burn! We thank you! – The Joel Orrs, Chesapeake, VA”

(Adam Foard) #16

The research I’ve read hasn’t found any difference between distilled vinegar and ACV.

Acetic acid is actual a 2 carbon saturated fat, which is why it has a verity of effects on blood sugar, sugar absorption, setiety, etc.

Low pH is really good for killing bacteria, so acetic acid works well for this too.

“The mother” is the dormant yeast they didn’t filter out when they bottled it. It is the same as the sediment in a bottle of wine. It may have some trivial probiotic benefit, but it isn’t a magic elixer.

As for burns, a 3rd degree burn the size of your palm or larger will send person into shock. This requires an extended hospital stay and skin grafts. No amount of ACV will help or fix that.

Part of the process of a burn healing is the death and sloughing of the damaged layer(s) of skin before stem cells can regenerate new skin. Acetic acid might be useful in this by helping to kill and debride the damaged skin, and sterilize the affected area (low pH again), but I don’t think it comes close to the standard of care for burns (which is much better than the standard of care for diabetes)

(Adam Foard) #17

Some folks also suffer from high stomach pH and this can help get their stomach ph back to a proper level.

I don’t understand the whole process, but I know stomach pH and proton pump activity have some interaction with various hunger/setiety signaling. So acetic acid may contribute to this as well

(Doug) #18

I agree - can’t put much weight on the necessity of ACV over regular vinegar. The acetic acid is the main deal. Beyond that, ACV does have a little bit of this and that in it, and if it does any good, then cool, and I do use ACV.

Regina, I’d never seen Kevin’s example of the “burn-healing” claim, and I know that Bragg’s books do contain valuable principles and suggestions. Yet there have always been elements of hype, unsubstantiated claims, and outright lies behind the Bragg empire.

Paul Bragg routinely claimed to be 14 years older than he was, and somewhat hilariously and perhaps even endearingly (:smile:) - at times he added on even more years, contradicting the earlier and more consistent claims. There was a strong element of “I’ve found the Fountain of Youth, and you can have it too if you buy my products.” He always presented himself as a “life extention specialist,” with his purported longevity being proof that his methods worked.

‘Snake oil salesman’ - he went fairly far with this, being convicted of practicing medicine without a license.

Claimed to have wrestled in the 1908 and 1912 Olympics. Did not happen. (In 1908 he was actually only 13 years old. :wink:)

He said he got tuberculosis as a teenager, and that after being given four months to live by his doctor, went to a Swiss clinic where he began his journey into the miraculous effects of what later became his recommendations and products. Did not happen.

There is more but overall his story was always some truth mixed in with a considerable amount of falsehoods and fantasy.

I have no reason to think Bragg apple cider vinegar is “bad” in any way, and feel it’s just as good as other brands. There, the higher cost of Bragg ACV is what bugs me. As for some of the other Bragg products, like liquid amino acids from soybeans, I just have to shake my head.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #19

I need to try that sometime. “Hey guys, go Keto and you too can look like me - I’m 86!”:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I didn’t know any of that, thanks for sharing, I’ve just been bugged by the “trendiness” of Braggs this and that. Never purchased any of their products. The Wal-Mart recommendation is good to know.

(Jane) #20

Kinda off-topic but sunscreen wasn’t used in the 60’s and when my brother and I came home from Galveston beach burned like lobsters my Mom always put vinegar (regular) on the burns.

Wish she had an aloe plant in her yard like I kept for my kids!!! But she went with what she knew at the time.