Do small women eat pure fat while fasting?


This article gets referenced a lot and I’m wondering if any small women here have experience with eating pure fat while fasting based on this calculator:

I’m 5’5" 133# and fasted for 11 days (plus a week of slow refeeding) a couple of months ago. I very quickly regained all the weight lost on that fast and I’m wondering if it is because my metabolism slowed as this article would suggest.

Any thoughts or experiences?

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First, I wouldn’t assume that the weight you lost is the same as the weight you regained. It could be fat, muscle or bone.

Second, fasting drives autophagy that cleanses the body of old weak or defective cells. So even if a fat cell is emptied and then refilled - or broken down and then rebuilt - the new cells are healthier and more rejuvenated.

Third, a lot of weight is actually water and food stuffs passing through your system… so again - weight doesn’t mean much.

How do you feel? How do your clothes fit?

When I fast, my metabolism does drop by 20% at least and as much as 30% on an extended fast. Here are my measured RMR results

The first is baseline at 2400 and the second is after a 19 day fast at 1700. The good news is that refeeding recovers RMR quickly and heavy protein and fat can bring it back to the very high levels.

Also, as you fast longer, your body will use fat more than lean mass… The more fat you have, the more you can burn without having to resort back to lean tissue.

In my experiment - I lost some lean mass but recovered almost all of it afterwards. I did stay active though.


After I lost most of my weight, I had a rough time continuing to fast. So I started doing some supplementation. I can do shots of HWC or quality EVOO, I can eat a small pat of butter alone, and I can lick coconut oil from a spoon. Not a lot of supplementation is needed and I wouldn’t normally do those things but I was willing to do anything to lose those last 19-5 lbs. And it worked. I’d have that fat and continue fasting. I will also do this now when I am trying to do more than just intermittent fasting.

Worked for me, now working on my third year of maintenance, fourth year of this WOE.

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I am a small woman and I do not eat fat while fasting. I can go about 48hrs.