Do I have to exercise in order to completely lose belly fat?


Get a dog and start walking on a daily basis. Consistency is what counts. Better to walk 15 mins per day than 1 hour and 45 mins once per week. Walking every day is my non-negotiable. Diet definitely has the biggest effect on weight loss. However, exercise can and does help. It may not be as dramatic as the diet, but it can and does help. Remember its consistency. The worst exercise plan done every day is better than the best exercise plan done 1x per month.

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Without getting too political, it is precisely what has been officially recommended.

Recall a certain (well-meaning) US First Lady made it her signature program… “Eat less; Move more.”

Totally useless guilt-inducing advice for millions of obese children getting no results, while being fed the carb-rich diet used to fatten up farm animals for slaughter.


Come on now…you are Dr Phinney.

I’m joking!


I would say about 85% of weight loss, including visceral and adipose fat, is diet.

Good luck being one of those lucky few whom get a 6 pack with sit ups.


Bad idea, losing weight strictly from cardio and/or diet means losing muscle mass you already have, as well as not gaining anymore. So you can lose weight on the scale, while increasing (yes, increasing) bodyfat. That also ends with a bad look. No shortage of people that have low bodyfat for their weight, yet they’re flabby. There’s also the fact that the lower your lean mass, the lower of a metabolic rate you’ll have, which makes it harder to continue losing, and easier to gain.


I agree that both are necessary, but i wanted to point out the proportion.

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Thanks so much for answering straightforward about what I asked - can I ask what is it that you suggest to do then? Is it proper exercise with weights etc. in the gym, is that the best solution here?

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I do CrossFit, it is a combination of weights, gymnastics and cardio which makes it an all rounder. I would recommend it to anyone regardless of age or weight as it is the quickest most efficient way of getting fit plus it will get you toned up and maybe even lose you some weight. I would seriously put the goal of weight loss on the back burner because if you are eating well then that will happen without really trying.

Don’t be afraid of engaging in something like CrossFit, too many people think they can’t do that because they need to be fit to do it but it is by doing it that you get fit. We all have to start somewhere. Everything can be scaled and YOU DO YOU, what you can manage to still get a good workout. You don’t have to think I can’t lift as heavy as her/him, you build it up gradually. In the CrossFit Box i go to they are friendly and very supportive and it is about finding a place that you feel is like that, guaranteed not all Boxes are that same.

If you have nothing like that where you live you can still mix it up but my guess is unless you are a gritty determined person you won’t push yourself to the extent that you will doing it with others. This i can ruthlessly say because i was that person.

Yesterday at the Saturday morning session we had a few newbies and one lass that had been to a few midweek session, still relatively new, only been once before to a saturday session which is pairs or team work depending on the WOD and so me and my daughter included 2 into our team of 4. We never mind having newbies workout with us as we treat Saturdays as a fun workout. Anyway, we had Sarah who had been once before to the saturday sesh and she is not the fittest nor the smallest lass and she work her butt off! She got to failure, cried, i suggested she stand out the next set and she got herself composed and stepped right back in for the next set… she was so inspiring. She probably worked harder than any of us as she reached failure, grit her teeth and dug right back in … fantastic. We just gave her loads of support and encouragement and she said she so appreciated that… now would she have worked that hard and broke through the barrier if she was on her own… probably not but then she may not have got to that barrier!

CrossFit, i might add never gets any easier because you just end up wanting to better yourself and so keep pushing harder.

BTW I am 66

Hope this was useful x


I’d recommend everybody that’s physically capable of doing weight training, to do it. The benefits are way to great for anybody to leave that out of their life. Having more lean mass on you means better metabolic rate, better bone mass, the links to day to day health and longevity are huge, you look better, don’t get frail as you get old, there’s only downsides to not doing it.


Hi, in my experience if the gym is boring find a sport and for me exercise makes a huge difference in my weight and that last bit of fat.

The whole process of going to the climbing gym or off to the crag is enough exercise in itself never mind actually climbing.

So yep find a sport or something outdoors or even a hobby. Something to keep you busy and off your bum basically.

Best of luck, Billy.