Dizzy at the gym


Never been a fan of DeLauer myself, says way too much to show he hasn’t been into Keto for long, it’s fashionable to join the club these days for all the fitness gurus but I’d disagree. Doing that is doing TKD which CAN work for some people don’t get me wrong but if your metabolically screwed like so many of us are it’ll backfire in most cases. The reality is by the time that stuff is processed (assuming it was eaten pre-workout) your already out of the gym, didn’t burn it off during the workout and now it’s doing what fruit does. If your gonna do TKD best way is with Dextrose pre-workout since that stuff burns up immediately how much is highly custom to each person. I played with spiking myself with Dextrose post workout with my creatine to help get better absorption, which obviously worked as insulin is very good at that, also grinded me to a halt weightloss wise for weeks and ketones sucked for a while too, although I run on the low side anyways to hard to tell how much was from doing that. Play around with it but when somebody issuing advise on doing keto starts talking about eating fruit, consider they may not be the expert they think they are. Remember, many of these guys were big and in shape long before they knew what keto was and are only maintaining with it which is very different than putting it on.

(Daniel Crispin) #22

I think you are missing the point I wanted to make. I want to eat blueberries for the viamins and anti-oxydants. I don’t drink coffee and blueberries are the best source other than coffee.

I have not eaten them since that time despite he fact I have a few bags of frozen fruits (Blueberries, rasberries, mixed berries and so on.

Since I removed the bike to start the training, I have not felt any episodes of serious dizziness, I sometimes gets dizzy for a few seconds when I push myself to the limit of what my muscle can do, but it doesn’t last more than 4 or seconds.

So I think the warmup on the bike was the problem. I take a Protein Isolate shake after most workouts now. I use half the recommended dose of powder (44g instead of 88). I have tested my blood sugar 1 hour after taking the shake and there was no abnormal reading. If I remember correctly I was at 4.6 so that is perfectly normal for me now.

(Heather Cruz) #23

I have had similar issues during workouts, sometimes to the point that I get vertigo. It’s driving me nuts. I was on a stall so I started IF’ing, I was worried about sidium so I started putting Himalayan sea salt (about a pinch) every few hours under my tounge so I get what I need. But i still have this issue… do we need more salt than others since we workout, or am I maybe overdoing it? (I also start with cardio and then go into weight training)

(Whitney Lee) #24

I got dizzy at the gym yesterday too. My calorie intake for the day was pretty low and i cut my carbs down to 35g. Im only 6 days into keto though so im assuming its a combo of keto transition + low carb & calories. Sounds like yours may be in part to low carb & cal too. Possibly not enough water as well? From what i understand, you need to be good at burning fat before you can work out during fasting, low carb or low cal days and not feel dizzy and drained during/after.

(JK) #25

Have sea salt or Himalayan pink salt before workout and during workout .Also make sure you take a good quality multivitamin.