(Steve Spencer) #1

I have been on Keto for a week. First 5 days saw a loss of 4.7 lbs but last 2 days I gained back 2.5lbs. Is this normal? I keep with pretty much the same food intake I walk every day. And drink plenty of water.

(Amanda) #2

Give the process time.

Before anyone can give you any decent advice, more details are needed.

But always, take a deep breath and remember that keto is not a quick fix, despite what the media says. :smile:


That was just water weight that you lost at the start.

Give us a detailed rundown of what you eat and we might be able to help.

(Ken) #4

You’re fine. Initial drop was glycogen depletion, subsequent gain was water flux. Fat loss rate is one to two pounds per week, easily hidden by water flux. Take measurements and pictures ASAP and don’t weigh yourself for at least two weeks.

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #5

You win.

(Giancarlo) #6

Think of all the time we’ve spent growing our bellies, don’t rush it! This comes from someone that started 3 weeks ago with around 420 pounds (190 kg), and have not lost much weight yet :slight_smile:

(Wendy) #7

Yep, what they ^ are saying. Don’t expect the scale to always be lower. I flunctuate sometimes 3 or 4 pounds in a day but have still lost 75 pounds over time. It took time though. Water weight and such are very variable.


Completely normal for me to have up to 4lb variation in weight, from 1 day to another. Although, every week has seen a loss so far.

The daily weight swing is quite alarming until you get used to it. It’s just water variations mostly. 1 litre of water weighs 2.2lb!!! If it scares you too much, just don’t do it. Weigh once a week only.

(Bob M) #9

And if you begin fasting >1 day, you can lose 7 pounds in one day, and gain 5+ pounds in a day once you refeed. Or at least I can. Here’s a sample:

12/1/18 200.6 Saturday after fasting
12/3/18 203.2 Monday after 4.5 days fasting, will fast today, Wednesday
12/4/18 199.8 Or 199.2, fasted until dinner yesterday
12/5/18 202.0 Ate a ton yesterday, trying to fast until tomorrow

(Bob M) #10

Oops, should have included the November 30:

11/30/18 197.8 4.5 days fasting, will eat today

(Dee Eichler) #11

I’m a newbie, 11 days in. I have not stepped on scale. I was on keto one week before Thanksgiving and weighed myself. Do not even loose an ounce. Got very negative reading all the weight others have lost so quickly. This time I’m not going there. I’m in ketosis and feel pretty good most of the time. That’s ok for me for at least a month.

(Bob M) #12

Not to mention that the scale is useless a lot, as you can gain muscle mass or lose a belt hole and the scale will go up or stay the same. I periodically don’t weigh myself, sometimes for months.

(Danny) #13

I highly suggest an iPhone app called “MY Weight” if you don’t mind daily weigh-ins. I actually love them and prefer to have more data points.

On keto, I only track two things. Carbs (back of the napkin / mental notes) and my daily weight.

The app is excellent because it shows trends over time. That initial 5 pound drop feels great because you’re purging your body of excess water weight and glycogen stores. What you’ll start to see is that there’s always a shift in your daily weight (depending on your body size) anywhere from 1-5 pounds up and down. This doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a snapshot of your weight plus or minus water and waste.

The app will graph out your trendline over weeks and months, which is what is the most important. And as long as the line is trending downward, you’re golden.