Dilemma regarding cravings

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I have been off and on Carnivore over the last year. I love how I feel, but finances have been pretty erratic until recently, so I just ate as best I could. Now I am back Carnivore a week and seeing some inches slide off already. Feeling better too - spent most of the last year bedridden, so any gains are wonderful. Here’s my dilemma - I take medical marijuana daily for chronic pain. A major side effect of the thc for me is carb cravings. So, I am having a really tough time, in the medicated state, shall we say, resisting. I need to have some go to Carnivore friendly snacks so I don’t jack myself up on crap. I have been using coffee, but that gets to be too much really fast. I thought of homemade bacon bits to nibble on, I just got pork rinds. Anything else that you guys can think of? I am off dairy, but I eat eggs along with mostly beef and pork. The cravings are definitely “nibble” type, not stuff my face kind. Good grief. Hoping that the longer I am on Carnivore and feeling better, the less mmj I will need, so this is just the getting started hump. Thanks!

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Well, I can’t have marijuana for fear it will stimulate even worse addictive cravings, so my bias would favor switching to a different form of pain relief.

But that said, I was just reading on a different thread that a poster gets carb cravings from too much protein and not enough fat. So perhaps try to increase your fat and back off on the protein a bit, and see if it works that way for you, too?

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The dreaded munchies. :smiley:

Since you know you are going to be stimulated to eat, how about medicating before meal time?

Here’s an interesting article behind the mechanics of the munchies:

a group of neurons (nerve cells) called pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) which normally produce feelings of satiety (no longer feeling hungry after eating) become activated and promote hunger under the influence of THC. As it turns out, cannabis “hijacks” the POMC neurons, resulting in them releasing hunger-stimulating chemicals rather than appetite-suppressing chemicals.


Do a little research on strains. Some cause intense cravings/munchies and some little to none. You may find one that you don’t have to fight against that way.

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Interesting indeed, considering smoking weed has the opposite effect for me and helps control my appetite and I no longer feel hungry after smoking.

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Same for me - I never understood how those around me got the munchies & I never did :woman_shrugging:

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You were vegetarian, so eating crap, thus your brain took the opportunity to have a break from it - even stoned it knew it was a good idea :smiley:

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I do most of my best thinking when I’m ripped. It’s clearly been a while…:smirk:

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It was the same for me but I’ve witnessed quite the opposite in others around me. But for certain, food tasted much more intense and delicious when I was high even when I wasn’t hungry.

Apparently, our BGs levels drop after marijuana use and for some this triggers a desire to eat (to raise the BG). What’s great from a weight loss standpoint is that lower BG levels translates to lower insulin levels (17% lower fasting insulin according a study referenced in the article I posted) if you can avoid the temptation to eat. And of course, any experienced smoker knows that eating after partaking is a buzz killer.


Round here, we call that “eating your high”. Heh.

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Hard boiled eggs
Deviled eggs
meat sticks
cold cuts
Chicken wings

I am just making the switch to carnivore for a trial so I can’t think of too many more snacks. I bought some liverwurst and sliced it into little medallions which I froze. I figured I could eat one a day for the liver. Something like that might work for you.