Dietitians are paid influencers pushing food industry

(Ethan) #1

Food industry sponsors registered dieticians as influencers to post advertisements on social media sites masquerading as valid information.

(Chuck) #2

I totally agree.


Huge surprise there! Sad part is, most of the docs killing people aren’t trying to with their bad info, but dieticians should know better. I don’t care that it’s 2023, or Instagram and TikTok are “normal” these days, these people are YouTubers with credentials, that’s it.

(Joey) #4

Hmm… Sounds a lot like physicians as paid influencers writing scripts for Rx drugs seen on TV. :thinking:

Then again, it all makes for easier distribution to reach an intentionally ill-informed patient base, i.e., our family, friends, and neighbors.

(Geoffrey) #5

No surprise there considering that Big Food has been behind all of the “Health Research” for the last 70 years always paying to get the results they want.
It always boils down to following the money.

(Bob M) #6

The one thing I’m amazed at in the US is how many commercials there are for drugs. Just so many…

Personally, if you need one of these drugs, I’d rather have cheaper prices and no commercials.


Not to mention that the rattling off of side effects is enough to make one not ever want to take any of those.

(Doug) #8

Velvet, so true. :smile::grin: My wife and I will hear one of those rapid-fire, dire, brutal and lengthy lists, and look at each other… “Wow, that really makes one want to try that drug…” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Joey) #9

But without drug commercials there’d be long empty pauses between segments. Then again, that might be the best time to go take cheap drugs.

(Geoffrey) #10

The warning that always make me say Really??? Is when they say “Do not take this if you are allergic to it”. Don’t ya gotta take it to find out Jethro?

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #11

Oh, but the one that really gets me is that the medication can sometimes cause or exacerbate the problem it’s supposed to treat, such as an antidepressant making someone more depressed.

(Edith) #12

I saw one med for an overactive bladder that could cause someone to have the urge to urinate more frequently.

(KM) #13

I’m always impressed when death is a potential side effect. Nonetheless, ask your doctor if Thusandsuch is right for you, because … perhaps it’s worth risking a little death? :roll_eyes:

(Robin) #14

What a fabulous statement! lolol

(Ohio ) #15

Dietitians , that are “influencers”. I don’t know where to start. So I’m not.

These are two separate demographics of people that I avoid. I can’t imagine being around a hybrid of the two. Pawns :chess_pawn:

(Pete A) #16

Yeh and many are on them!

(Alec) #17

Anybody that pays good money to consult a dietician to tell them what to eat should instead be spending their money on a psychiatrist… they would get better value for money.


I pay good money to consult Jessica Turton and she has saved me a lot of emergency hospital admissions that were weekly til I saw her.

She is a brilliant dietician who received her doctorate recently and she is giving the opening talk at Low Carb Down Under in Sydney next week.

It is pretty easy to sit back and generalise and criticise a whole class of professionals…but it makes for rather ugly reading and reflects very poorly on this forum imo.

Some of us have complex health issues to contend with that require more expertise than a forum such as this can offer.

(Ohio ) #19

Your dietitian is a diamond in the rough. You probably got lucky. Most dietitians stick with bachelor’s degrees, discontinue their studies and put the blinders on. Why not? Money is the ultimate positive feedback.

Dietitians whitewash the effects of the standard American diet.

(KM) #20

I think one of the hardest things about being (or following) a dietician, even a good and conscientious one not blindly following the money trail, is that a body in ketosis apparently has very different nutritional needs than a body nourished primarily with carbs. Whether it’s fiber and gut health, salt intake, vitamin C, or some other nutrient, the old rules don’t necessarily seem to apply.

Turton seems like a different breed, one of our maverick explorers. I’m interested to see what she has to say.